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OpenLab Attributions Plugin

The OpenLab Attributions plugin allows anyone to add attributions for Creative Commons licensed content they’re using on an OpenLab site. Each attribution will add a superscript number that links to a reference list at the bottom of a page or post.

The plugin is network activated, which means you don’t need to activate it yourself.

Adding an Attribution

1. You can add attributions for text or images. For text, place your cursor in the place where you would like to add the attribution, and click the attribution icon. For an image, click on the image caption and then click the attribution icon.

Add Attribution step 1

2. When the Add Attribution window pops up, fill out the Title and Author fields as well as any others as appropriate, and choose the license of the material you’re using in the dropdown. You’ll see a preview of your attribution at the bottom of the window. When you’re finished, click Add Attribution.

Add Attribution step 2
Add Attribution step 3

3. Under the text editor box, you’ll see an Attributions box with all attributions that you’ve added to your page or post.

Add Attribution step 4

4. After you publish your post or page, you’ll see the attributions listed at the bottom.

Editing an Attribution

1. In the Attributions box, you can edit or delete attributions you’ve already added.  To edit, click the pencil icon. This will bring up the Add Attribution window, where you can add to or edit any of the information.  When you’re finished, click Update Attribution.

Add Attribution step 6

2. To delete an attribution, click the trash can icon.