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Available Widgets

Akismet Widget

Akismet is a spam catching plugin. This widget displays how much spam has been caught on a particular site by Akismet.


The Archives Widget organizes your previously published posts by month. This can be handy for readers who want to browse your older content.


Archives Calendar widget that make your monthly/daily archives look like a calendar on the sidebar. If you have a lot of archives that takes a lot of space on your sidebar this widget is for you.


The Categories Widget organizes your posts by category in your blog’s sidebar. This can be handy for readers who want to find more of your posts about certain topics.

Custom Menu

The Custom Menu Widget allows you to display pages, categories, and custom links in your blog’s sidebar.

Invite Anyone

The ability to invite members to the site by email. The plugin creates a tab on each member’s Profile page called “Send Invites”, which contains a form where users can invite outsiders to join the site. There is a field for a custom message. Also, inviters can optionally select any number of their groups, and when the invitee accepts the invitation he or she automatically receive invitations to join those groups.


The Links Widget displays a list of links (also known as a blogroll) in your sidebar. If you want to share your favorite blogs or websites with your readers, this is the widget for you.


The Meta Widget is a simple tool that makes it easy to log in and out of your blog and access your dashboard and RSS feeds from your sidebar.


The Pages Widget displays your blog’s pages in your sidebar. This can make it easier for your readers to navigate around your blog.

Portfolio List

This widget displays convenient links to member portfolios in the sidebar of your site.

Recent Comments

This widget will add a list of the most recent comments posted to your blog. They are gathered in descending order (newest at the top), but then grouped by post title, so that comments from the same post are listed together. The list items will be links to the comments, and will contain the name of the commenter.

Recent Posts

The Recent Posts widget displays the most recent posts on your blog in descending order.


The RSS widget allows you to display an RSS or ATOM feed in the sidebar of your site. You can modify the number of entries, and display titles only or short excerpts of the entries.


The Search widget adds a search box to your blog sidebar or footer, allowing readers to easily search your site for posts and pages you’ve written in the past

Stout Google Calendar

The Stout Google Calendar plugin allows you to easily add and customize embedded Google Calendars to your WordPress site. You can even change color settings that are not normally modifiable, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Google Calendars into the look of your site. This widget displays the calendar in your sidebar.

Tag Cloud

The Tag Cloud creates a cloud (a group of words sized by use) based on the tags assigned to your posts.


The text widget is an extremely flexible widget: it can be used to post text on the sidebar of your site and can. You can also use HTML to display images and links.