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Here are some links that can be useful to you!
This site will most likely be continuously updated.

City Tech’s Fabrication website, it has information on different software, how to obtain it, and CLT’s that can help you with getting to know a specific software better! Here is the specific link to the available workshops:
Tutorials that are available to the students! Check out the videos here for help in software!

Architectural Halloween

I really want to have some sort of celebration for Halloween this year, even if COVID might cancel it.

Last year, we had a pumpkin carving contest! The winner ended up having their pumpkin printed as an adorable key chain!

It was a really cute time, but unfortunately it wont be the same this year.

So what else can we do to celebrate the best holiday in the world?
I was thinking maybe we could design pumpkins digitally, whether 2D or 3D!

Give us a comment below on what you would want to do for Halloween :^)

Bless Yee on “Architecture: Transformation from Student to Professional”

This Thursday, at 12:45 we will have guest speaker Bless Yee give a talk about recommendations for job searching, how to do well in interviews, and building good habits in the work environment.

If you are a student who is interested in taking the next step in your career, looking for a job, wanting more information on office etiquette, learning about better chances of landing that interview, feel free to drop by and listen in!

Click here to join:
Or use:
Meeting ID: 945 8649 1716
Pass code: ArchClub