Alvaro Panozo's ePortfolio

A Communication Design Portfolio

Designer GIF

A simple gif I made for my Graphic Design 2 class. The year 1957 moves from left to right. I made sure alignment was used in this poster/gif so the words don’t appear to be all over the place.

Visually Enhanced Quote

In this project, I chose a quote by Donald Glover and picked an image where he’s on stage. The reason why the word “greatness”, is in a different font than the rest of the quote, is mainly because I wanted the reader to notice the deeper meaning in the quote, which is, achieving success should always be in your state of mind.

To add a more focus on Glover, I decided to black out the background and his pants. I feel like this makes the image stronger, yet it keeps its simplicity with the change in both black and white, and the colors on Glover’s skin.

Disney Poster Project

For this project, I had to remake a poster from any Disney movie. I chose the movie, The Emperor’s New Groove. The process for making this poster was very amusing for me, I had a lot of fun using different types of filters, types, colors, and many other tools in the Adobe Illustrator program.

This project surprised me since I found out that I can do so much and learn so much from this program.