Angular Kinematics

In the movie Interstellar (2014)  they need to dock their space craft with a station to push the station up out of the atmosphere.  The station is rotating so they need to rotate their space craft at the same speed in order to dock.

What angular acceleration must they have in order to match the rotation of the space station?

He says in the clip that the station is orbiting at 67 or 68rpm.  The time from when he says to start accelerating and the station looks like it is no longer rotating is 14 seconds, though the crew still acts like there is acceleration after that.

If the angular velocity is 68 rpm that is ω = 2π (68)/60 = 7.1 rad/s. If the time it takes to reach that angular velocity is 20 seconds then

\alpha = {{\Delta \omega}\over{\Delta t}} = {{7.1 rad/s - 0}\over{20s}} = 0.36 rad/s^2