Low Key and High Key Assignment

photo 1

The picture of the black board makes me that there is a void with also a feeling of being overwhelmed. The symbolism this board can offer is deception. I say that because this boards soul purpose is to have information written on it and the size of overwhelming information can be seen regardless if the board is blank or full. The viewer should view this “low key” image beyond what there eye perceives. When analyzing the picture I believe any viewer would agree with me.

photo 2


This “High Key” picture at first strains my eyes because of its high contrast. This light could create a sense of beauty and curiosity depending on the viewers perspective. I could see beauty because how could someone take a energy, that one day was thought to only come from the sun and contain it into a plastic rectangle. Curiosity, because simply how could something so complex be simplified? This image personally gives me a drive for imagination and creativity.