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Preliminary Midsemester Grades are posted

Hi everyone,

Your Midsemester Grades are posted under Dashboard/GradeBook).

What is this for?

These grades are not entered into the transcript, but serve as important guidance to students and an opportunity to review their progress in the course.  РProvost August

The grades are based on work completed so far:

  • WeBWorK performance (weighted 35%)
  • the first OpenLab assignment (weighted 15%)
  • Exam 1 (weighted 50%)

The grading scheme is as follows:

  • P=Passing work
  • BL= Borderline
  • U=Unsatisfactory
  • SA=Stopped Attending

NOTE: For those of you that decide to take advantage of the EXAM 1 SPECIAL OFFER, your score on Exam 1 may change.  This, in turn, may affect your standing in the course.    Feel free to ask me for an updated Midsemester Grade  after the SPECIAL OFFER is returned.

Heads up: The last day to drop the class with a “W” grade is April 1st.¬† If you decide to drop, it is *much* better to do so before that date (but you should be aware of any financial aid impact that¬†dropping a class may have). ¬†Please let me know if you wish to discuss it.

-Prof. Reitz

Exam 1 Grades are posted, and SPECIAL OFFER

Hi everyone,

The grades for Exam 1 are posted (under Dashboard/OpenLab GradeBook).

With some exceptions, you will notice that the scores are not as high as you might have liked!  This exam covered a lot of material, and relied on a great deal of prior knowledge and skills (especially Calculus and Algebra).  With that in mind, I am giving you the option to improve your score through the ONE-TIME SPECIAL OFFER below (note: this offer will almost certainly *not* be repeated on future exams), due in two weeks on Tuesday 3/19.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Prof. Reitz

Exam 1 Special Offer Рearn bonus points.  You can improve your grade on the exam, by doing the following:

  1. Choose ONE OR TWO problems in which you did NOT earn full points.  You are working to earn back (some of ) the points you missed on this problem.  For each problem you chose:
  2. Do the problem over, neatly and completely, start to finish, on a separate sheet of paper.
  3. Include the following information on the sheet:
    1. Your name
    2. The date
    3. The problem number
    4. Your original score on the problem (out of 25)
  4. On the same sheet, write a short paragraph (at least two complete sentences) explaining why you lost points.
    1. If you lost points due to a mistake or mistakes, explain what you did wrong (this is to let me know that you understand your error).
    2. If you lost points due to not completing the problem, then explain how to solve it (this is to let me know that you have learned how to solve it).
  5. Hand in your original exam and your corrected problem(s) and explanation(s), stapled together, in class on Tuesday, 3/19.
  6. Bonus points will be added to your Exam score based on the number of points you missed on the chosen problem(s),  the accuracy of your corrections and explanation, and your overall grade on the exam.  Bonus points are limited as follows:
    1. If you received less than 50% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 30 bonus points.
    2. If you received between 50% – 59% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 20 bonus points.
    3. If you received between 60% – 69% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 15 bonus points.
    4. If you received between 70% – 79% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 10 bonus points.
    5. If you received between 80% – 89% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 5 bonus points.
    6. If you received 90% or more on the exam, you may not earn any bonus points.