Long division

Disclaimer: The material in the videos below comes mainly from outside City Tech. The presentation in these videos may differ from the one given in your class. Please consult with your instructor to confirm whether a particular approach is acceptable in your class.

  1.  $\rhd$ Intro to long division of polynomials (12:08) Divide (a) $2x+4$ by $2$, (b) $x^2+3x+6$ by $x+1$, (c) $x^2+5x+4$ by $x+4$, (d) $3x^3-2x^2+7x-4$ by $x^2+1$.
  2.  $\rhd$ Dividing polynomials: long division (3:19) Divide $(x^2-3x+2)\div (x-2)$.