Project Description

Adaptive Reuse:

Conversion of an existing building into a commercial space.

You are being hired to transform and give new life to the Hunts Point train Station.

The structures located in 904 Hunts Point Ave, in the Bronx and it was designed by Cass Gilbert in 1908.

Your challenge is to revitalize the abandoned building and design a modern and sustainable hostel that serves the community.

The project will be divided into two Phases.

Phase 1 will concentrate on research and process developing the bulk of the hostel. We will explore

  1. Additive process to create space that would be viable for living and space organization
  2. Design Alternatives for manipulating the existing structure
  3. Design solutions based on site/program strategies

You will be able to carve three-dimensional space within this existing structure.

The existing structure cannot be torn down.

Phase 2 will focus on developing the interior spaces of the hostel, with concentration on the lobby, the bathrooms, and the unique space you decide appropriate for your hostel based on your theme.

All these spaces are a combination of many small parts including the layout, furniture, lighting, color scheme and more. It is how all of these come together that defines the overall image of the building.

To begin, you will choose the theme of your hostel, that will be incorporated into the program. This will be determined after a thorough site analysis.

Then you will study precedents, generate parti material, and program the space. You will demonstrate your process with abstracts, sketches, diagrams, and models. Your final design will be presented digitally with plans, sections, elevations, renderings and with physical model.

Your design will be required to follow all code requirements and ADA regulations. All site improvements should be designed to help the overall performance of the building and must meet building codes and zoning regulations

The scope of the design work will include:

  • Public and Private spaces as define by your program, including typical spaces such as lobby, reception, café/bar, lounge, storage, offices, luggage storage, mechanical, vertical circulation, laundry, housekeeping, public bathrooms etc
  • Circulation:

Vehicular Access

Pedestrian access

Bicycle access

Service Entrance. -Loading dock

  • Egress, façade, fenestration, etc.
  • All floor, wall, ceiling, and component materials
  • Furniture layout
  • Lighting, Media, and Graphics

All site improvements should be designed to help the overall performance of the building and must meet building codes and zoning regulations

The new hostel should include but not limited to:

  • Lobby / Reception include adj.100 sf office and public ADA bathrooms (2)
  • A Dinning Hall, Kitchen
  • Computer Room
  • Game Room,
  • TV Room, Media Room
  • Garden/Outdoor spaces
  • Fitness Center
  • Laundry room
  • Storage Rooms
  • Mechanical
  • Loading dock
  • Trash room

Circulation 40%

  • Public Corridors 5 feet width, min., as required
  • Fire Stair (2) as req’d
  • Passenger Elevators (2)

Service / Freight Elevator (1)

Living Spaces

To be determined based on precedent studies. Private kitchens could be an option

You are required to have

private rooms,

4-bed dorms,

6-bed dorms and

8-bed dorms.

Final Presentation Requirements:

What describes your project Best?

Minimum Requirements:

  • Site Strategy Board derived from you extensive Site Analysis Group Project
  • Concept board with the name and logo of the hostel
  • Bubble Diagram and Matrix
  • Site plan providing Context
  • All Floor Plans (plans must show furniture layout)
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Interior elevations/Sections (minimum 2)
  • 3-Dimentional images (interior and exterior) and physical model placed in class site model.
  • Lighting layout/RCP
  • There must be outdoor space incorporated into your design


  • There must be two enclosed fires stairs that lead directly outside
  • You can create new openings in the façade but cannot remove more than 33% of any side.
  • An Architectural stair can be open and connect various levels within your Lobby. Each level must be able to be reached by elevator. This stair does not count towards one of the required fire escapes.