6. Hybrid-Massing Model

As designers we benefit from a comprehensive understanding of precedents. We use diagrams to convey information and relationships in a building. By researching and examining examples of similar work, and similar conditions we evaluate and interpret and translate for our own use.


Parti is the dominant idea of the building. It is often referred to as the “big idea”. It is the main organizing thought behind an architect’s design and it is usually represented in the form of a very basic diagram, model or simple statement.

It is the main underlying idea behind any work of architecture


Massing is the collection of patterns. It is the act of composing 3-dimentional forms into a unified and coherent architectural composition

From your Study Models you will generate a hybrid model that takes the best qualities of your models. This Hybrid model should come after all revisions by your professors, critics and peers to the initial study models have been completed.

Using your conceptual model and develop a massing model that is to the scale of the site. The final hybrid model should be 1/32″ and have a base of your site to sit on. This model should take into consideration your studies of exterior circulation as well as your concept and development up to date.

It should also approximate the actual size of your development in relationship to the neighboring context.

Create massing diagrammatic plans and sections based on your matrix, bubble diagrams and site analysis. These can begin as sketches.


Assignment 6 - Massing-Hybrid Models

Assignment Due Oct 10,2023
Collage Model and Massing example