Hello, my name is Timothy and I am an artist based in New York City. I am currently a senior attending the New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn, New York studying graphic art and design.

I have been interested in art ever since I was a child. By the third grade, I had developed a love of drawing. In middle school, I was introduced to 3D modeling through the program Sketchup. In high school, I became familiar with the 3D program Blender. I have been inspired by SciFi entertainment such as the Halo franchise, Star Trek, Star Wars and also the animator Monty Oum. I am also inspired by illustrators such as Brett Helquist from the books series, Series of Unfortunate Events and Chasing Vermeer.

I have experience using programs such as Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender and Sketchup. I hope to continue honing my skills and ultimately become involved in illustration and 3D computer graphics.