Visually Enhanced Quote CMDG 1111 D304

For the first Postcard, I placed the quote in front of a picture of blooming flowers. The picture fits with the theme of there being new gifts each day because a flower is a symbol of new life. I used hexagonal shapes to contrast with the organic nature of the plants. The typeface I used was Futura because it was easy to read against the background.

For the second postcardI used a picture of a rocky shore with a rainbow on the horizon. This fits with the theme because rainbows represent new beginnings that come after an event, in this casea storm. I made the text white to stand out against the dark background. The typeface I used was Garamond.

For the third postcard I used an image of a beach pushed to the far left of the screen while there was whitespace on the right. The words are different sized to give different amount of emphasis. The font I used was Garamond.

Final project: transparency

In our transparency and composition project, we had to design a piece that utilized size, position, overlapping and colors.  We had to cut shapes onto tracing paper and ultimately trace them onto Bristol paper.  The shapes had to fit into a 5” x 7” frame.  It was an interesting process deciding which shapes to use in order for them to overlap to show transparencies.

In this project, we also used primary and secondary colors.  It was challenging mixing the colors in order to get the appearance of a transparency.  For my background, I created a neutral gray with some of the left over colors on my palate.  In this project, we were able to use much of what we learned this semester such as density, scale and space.

Project 1: Line/Movement

In the Line/Movement project we explored how lines can show movement. I learned how lines can show movement utilizing different directions and widths.

Initially, we used pencils for our drawings. We then completed the drawing using a black Sharpie pen. If the thickness of the lines changed, we used a brush and ink to fill in the lines to present a clean crafted design.

Project 3: 50/50 Black and White

For this project, we had to initially gather 20 rubbings of different textures using a black crayon. It was challenging finding the different surfaces that were appropriate in order to show the 50/50 black and white images that were required to complete the project.

The process for completing the project was selecting six rubbings and setting them up and gluing them on a sheet of Bristol paper in a precise grid of 2” x 2.25”. Once the six rubbings were prepared, we had to trace and transfer them to the other side. We then filled in the traced parts in black. This project helped me to learn about creating depth in my work.


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