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The category for the final hotel concept. Each one should be created by a single student or a group of 2 or 3 students.

Maroon’s Hotel

Name of Hotel:

Maroon Hotel; “For Your Natural Stay and Comfort”

Located at 653 11th Avenue; New York, NY 10036

 Hotel Mission Statement:

Maroon derive from the word maroon, escaped African that mixed with the indigenous people and formed independent settlements in the Caribbean and Latin areas.  We are in the heart of the city without being in the middle of the hustle and bustle, so we aim to engulf our business and leisure traveler with an escape into an authentic and charismatic location.

 Three Key Physical Features:

  1. Because we aim to be as authentic to the feel of being in an area away from the city while being in the heart of it all, we have items within the hotel that has been imported from the coast of Central America.
  2. The furniture and amenities have been imported and brought in locally to the hotel as well. Our towels, bath products, desks, beddings, bedroom and public area furniture have been crafted to meet the theme of the hotel. Our restaurant and eating area for our complimentary breakfast have been supplied by the Urban Market and 57th Street Greenmarket (seasonal farmer’s market at Balsley Park).
  3. We’ve also brought in hand-made artifacts and specialized signages from NYC, specifically from areas in the Bronx and Brooklyn. We’ve listed information about what each artifact has been derived from in various areas of the hotel – in the rooms and public areas.

Three Key Services:

  1. We offer a “Welcome Cocktail” reception and dinner to our guests. It’s a pre-function check-in.  Mainly offered to business groups with a minimum of 20 guests.  We also provide complimentary glass of wine to our leisure traveler.  The business traveler has the option to receive the glass of wine or join the pre-function at check-in.
  2. At Maroon’s we offer free shuttle buses to visit the local club/lounges, performance arts and movie theaters. We’ve arranged deals for our guests to receive discounts at Stage 48, Terminal 5, AMC Theater, Carnegie Hall, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.  Guests receive a Carib Card that will be activated once they visit the concierge.  This Card is to be presented at these locations provided during their stay.
  3. We have our most popular all year-round rooftop, The Shack, and/or Marroon’s Bar and Grill specializing in Caribbean and Latin cuisine. If the choice is to stay at the hotel, The Black Theater houses nightly performances of Maroon/Black Carib culture, and other miscellaneous themes.



  1. During orientation, new employees are enrolled in our Escape rewards program (Employee Rate/Status), and also added to our Employee Recognition/Status App. Employees can reach these two programs through our website, www.  Through our HR department, we offer continuous training courses that employees can sign up for voluntarily after completing their 2-week training course and 6-month probationary period.
  2. The Employee Recognition/Status App keeps tracks of the rewards obtained by completing the courses they signed up for, including points automatically added after becoming certified as a Maroon’s employees right after the 2-week mandatory training. Staff are strongly encouraged to use our social media sites to post attractions, deals, and/or upcoming events that relates to the hotel through this app.
  3. We also train our staff to use a voice and text-based system that allows them to answer guests’ questions create and/or update room/event/restaurant reservations. Staff are encouraged to participate in answering guest questions and/or resolve guest complaints/issues through an established service recovery.  This would lead to continued recognition, which would them add to their Escape Rewards, where they would have the choice of our spa, dinner at Maroon’s or The Shack, a free stay at Maroon’s, time off, paid vacation and an employee of the month announcement on our site blog.

 Ethical Self-evaluation:

Marron’s hotel is an employer who agrees not to discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.  Staff is required to be over the age of 18 to be employed at Maroon’s Hotel, however each job description is listed in job postings to be considered for employment.  Your sexual orientation, with whom or what you identify as, your age, race, color, religion, national origin or physical or mental disability does not.  We also abide by ADA standards by having a fully accessible lobby, desk area for special accommodations to employees with disabilities, and fully functioning parking lots, restaurant and theater seating, and all public areas with ramps for easy accessibility.


 Staff Tags:

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 Influencer Tags:

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  10. #CaribOrigins


Signature Food or Beverage:

 We have our signature welcome wine, you have the choice of white or red provided by our local winery Montesquieu Winery, and another signature drink, our Pomegranate and Raspberry Soufflé vodka.

Our Signature Dish is a coconut milk-based seafood soup with a side of mashed sweet a plantains.

Robiott by Julissa Ramos and Karyn Rodriguez


Image result for tall hotel

Name of Hotel: Robiott , 4-74 48th Avenue Long Island City, Queens, NY

Hotel Mission Statement:  Located in the heart of trendy Long Island City, Robiott caters to provide the finest hospitality New York City has to offer. The Robiott is for the most part a technologically powered hotel designed for top-notch service and a passion for 21st century gadgets. At Robiott we stand by creating experiences that are innovative, personal, and righteous.

Three Key Physical Features:

It is located next to the museum of Moving Images and the reason why we are the hotel of technology.

Everything in our hotel is technology and the robots do anything for you. RoboButler

Image result for robot hotel

Manuals would help you along the way if you cannot understand the technology or if you prefer to read for yourself. Three key elements of the hotel’s servicescape. At least two of these three elements should be designed with social sharing in mind.

Image result for robot hotel

Three Key Service

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The Golden View Hotel

Name of Hotel: The Golden View Hotel – 655 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Hotel Mission Statement:  Be our guest to come and see  beautiful Manhattan  skyline and Hudson River vistas through the eyes of Golden View Hotel. Our hotel offers an exciting collection of accommodations filled with personal touches, outstanding amenities and views that inspire a sense of infinite possibilities.

Image result for ink 48 hotel

Image result for ink 48 hotel

Three key psychical features:

  1. The hotel provides all guestrooms showcase views of Manhattan or the  Hudson River (or both) through over sized  windows- most have sunset vistas, too.
  2.  Our hotel provides spa services for the guests. Our signature exotic ginger and lime salt scrub that guests enjoy with muscle-loosening massage provides by our very own Ms Liza who creates this amazing salt scrub. The scrub product is only available for guests who want to enjoy with spa services.
  3.  All paintings in the hotel rooms done by local artists.Image result for ink 48 hotelHotel wants to promote the art of talented artists of New York

Three Key Services:

  1. Healthy Travel: Our hotel provides with custom Public bikes for a ride around the town to explore beautiful New York. Our hotel bikes are there for all guests to enjoy. Just ask the front desk agent during check-in.
  2. It gives us piece of mind to know that all our guests have the body and minds at peace. That’s why we supply a yoga mat in every room, free of charge.
  3. We are pet friendly hotel. Let us accommodate you and your little friends with you. We also offer dog walking services.


The Golden View Hotel understands the importance of identifying individuals who are  motivated, talented and loyal employees ho find pride in delivering positive experiences for both clients and guests. The below list provides a better understanding of Golden View Hotel’s recruitment process.

  1. Check out  our available positions  and upcoming recruitment events online.
  2. Fill out the application.
  3. During the screening of applications , qualified individuals will be contacted by the Hiring Manager.
  4. Phone or Video interview.
  5. After the phone interview people will be called to come for formal interview with managers. The interview could be individual or group interview.
  6. Reference check in. All new associate must pass a criminal background check.
  7. Acceptance proceed. All associated will be in contact with the hiring manager regarding the job expectations, orientations, training.


The employees who perform the best job at every department every month will get a reward $50 dollars to check. The hotel also will hang their pictures, so everyone can see. The hotel creates every year “Thank you party” for all employees , who can also bring their family to enjoy the dinner.


Training process should take around two weeks. People would get training under the manger of the department they will work, and also receive training from employees who have been awarded the best employees for several times. The hotel also provides withe the video training after they complete the actual training.


Ethical Self Evaluation:

We are the hotel that promotes the highest standard of professional ethical norms and values for both our employees and guests. We welcome everyone.

The Golden View Hotel offers an array of ADA accessible rooms. All rooms designs with all accommodations that ADA standards required.

Marketing Persona:

Eric and Jenna want to come to explore New York. They  never have been in the city before so they looking exciting place to stay. They want to find hotel that provides with an amazing view of the city, try all new different types of the restaurant, visit the rooftop and do some shopping. The Golden View hotel delivers all that. All guest rooms have over sized windows that guest have views of Manhattan and Hudson River or both. Our hotel locates in Hell’s Kitchen area that famous with all small authentic restaurants around.   We also have a restaurant in the hotel with options of rooms service. Our hotel  close to 34 street where our guests can find any types of shopping, for example Macy’s. And our hotel has  rooftop bar lounge that open all year. We will be glad to host Eric and Jenna and fulfill all their wishes.

Image result for inc 48 hotel nyc rooftop


Marketing Editorial Calendar:

The Golden View Hotel opens 01 December 2018.

Post 1 –  15 November 2018

Title: Recruitment Event

We will post a blog that we will have recruitment event and  welcome people to come for interview. When we gather people we will conduct the interview in group style.

Post 2-  25 November 2018

Title: Soft Opening

We will post that we have a soft opening of our hotel and invite people to come to check our hotel. We have a little performance, we have a group of artists who painted pictures for our hotels rooms to come, our restaurant will have appetizers passed around and we will have a band to perform on the rooftop.

Post 3- 01 December 2018

Title: Grand Opening

And officially our hotel is open to serve to our guests. We cant wait to welcome  and meet everyone to our property.

Post 4-   05 December 2018

Title: Christmas Spirit

We will have a beautiful  Christmas three to set up in the lobby to welcome guests and pass Christmas Spirit to our guests and staff.

Post 5 – 10 December 2018

Title: Art gallery show

We will have an honor to host our dearest friend Mr Smith annual gallery show in our Mint restaurant. Mr Smiths beautiful paintings are our pride that we provide to all our guest rooms.

Image result for inc 48 hotel


Staff Tags:

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Influencer Tags:

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Signature Drink:

Baby its cold outside, so warm up with the perfect winter signature drink. Our Rooftop Mint Lounge presents an amazing signature drink “Chilled Coco Martini”

Image result for signature drinks

Service Recovery:

Service recovery is an opportunity to create raving fans, but at the same time, it offers the chance toe valuate what processes or systems led to the issue in the first place.

Service Recovery:

The gusts is checking out from the room and when he receives the bill he sees that hotel charged him for movies $9.95. The guest told the front desk agent that he didn’t watch any movies and there is mistake, and he doesn’t want to pay for it. The front desk agent insisted that he did watch the movie. The guest is upset with the service of the hotel an asked for the manger. When manager came she listened to guest, she apologized and checked the system. She found that the room next to him watched the movie’s but prior night system had an issues and probably that’s why it was added to the bill. The manger right away took the amount out off and she granted the guest with 20 percents discount  of the bill and offered dinner voucher for the restaurant in the hotel.



The Sunset Hotel and Resort



Name of Hotel: The Sunset Hotel & Resort

Hotel Mission Statement: The Sunset mission is to provide a tropical environment in a New York City setting that will make people feel as if they are away in a island. The Sunset will provide a relaxing but hot environment that will make people forget about New York City winter.

Three Key Physical Features:

  1. Each night there will be a themed show presented in the meeting room for both children an adults. Themes will vary from dance,acting and musical performances allowing children and adult to become part of them.
  2. In the basement location there will be a circulating pool that will have access to the outside area when its warm. This location will also have jungle gym play set next to the pool. Inside the pool there will be a swim up bar and one outside of the pool. Guest will be able to have access to finger food.
  3. This Sunset will be decorated with a sun,sea and sand themed throughout the hotel and inside rooms. These features will include palm trees

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VYBZ Hotel

Name of hotel: VYBZ
Location: 355 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011

Hotel Mission Statement: To suit the needs of the client by providing the perfect vybz for their visit, be it business, pleasure, or relaxation.

Three Key Physical Features:
1.Eclectic meeting spaces, each with a unique ambience created by a mixture of sounds, lights, and smells, changing by the hour.

2. Decorations vary depending on the level: some are regal and opulent, others are  soothing and relaxing, while some are youthful and invigorating, with graffiti art lining the walls. Each for will be a vibe depending on the customers visit. Upon reservation the guest will let us know what floor they will like to be placed on based on their reason for visiting.

3.An Exclusive club on the rooftop that changes its theme each night, to keep clients showing up in order to experience all the vybz VYBZ has to offer.

Three Key Services:
1.Rent clothing to clients whom would like to attend VYBZ events, or to go out on the town

2.VYBZ Restaurant and Club, with live music performed daily.
Restaurant Hours: 8 am – 11 pm. *Kitchen open 24 hours, to support room service and so the Club can serve appetizers until 4 am.
Club Hours: 12 pm – 4 am. *Club serves cocktails and appetizers.

3.Order Food through a monitor mounted in each room. If you want a midnight snack and not in the mood to talk to anyone, the monitor in the room is available making a phone call for room service no longer necessary

At VYBZ we are looking for staff who are motivated and love putting a smile on people faces. The staff and the managers must work together to create a healthy working environment, so keep your drama at the door. Happy Staff mean happy customers.

Meeting: A meeting will be held once or twice a month so the staff can give their feedback on how they think we can improve the establishment. If employees work together as a team they can make the workplace environment a great place to work.

Reward: For each department there will be an employee of the year. Winners will receive a two night stay at our sister hotel in Miami.

Tool: Guest will be able to check out on the monitor mounted in each room. If the lines are too long to check out or they are running late for a flight, they can check out from the room. They can also use this service to rate the employees and the hotel’s service.

Hiring: Although we will mainly look to hiring people with experience in the industry, we will also hire without experience because most job train their workers on how they want everything to run. There will be 2 weeks to a month training process depending on how fast people learn.

Ethical Self Evaluation: Our hotel is built on the idea of supporting everyone in their needs. Period. Our goal is to create an environment where people can be themselves whether it’s business or pleasure. We want everyone to feel welcomed.

Marketing Persona: VYBZ hotel is located in the Meatpacking District. During the day the VYBZ of the hotel are calm. This is maining for the guest who have business meetings to attend. On the other hand, for the guest who are looking for additional activities to do they can take a stroll along the HighLine and take breathtaking pictures of the scenery. However, for guest who are food enthusiast and love to try new foods, they can take a stroll through Chelsea Market.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

Opening day will be May 18th 2019

Open house: March 1-3, 2019.
– Open call. Must bring resumes. Small interview process.

Call back: March 5, 2019.
– Managers call back possible employees for a 3 part interview

Conformation: March 7, 2019
– Employees will be contacted if they got the job

Retreat: March 10-13, 2019
– Employee will be taken on a retreat to get to know each other to create a good working environment

Training begins: March 15, 2019

Staff Tags


Influencer Tags


Signature Drink:

“Sorrel Mimosa” Instead of the typical orange juice that’s served with the champagne, it will be sorrel.

Signature Dish:

Braised Oxtail served with Pelau and a watercress and frisee salad. Lightly dressed with a house made mustard vinaigrette. Upon request may pair with our signature sides Caribbean style cabbage slaw or Linguini Pasta Salad.

The Mountain

  • Name of Hotel: The Mountain

700 Kanawauke Rd, Stony Point, NY 10980

  • Hotel Mission Statement:

Our landscape hotel is located inside the Bear Mountain. We differentia to a typical hotel, guest accommodating in a large building with onsite amenities, we offer a silent, independent, simple and natural landscape environment- for guest to chill in our cabins, exploring the top view at Bear mountain and bonding friendship in our camping fire. We integrate the nature and man-made material into a place for leisure accommodation. Our main mission is escaping from lousy, refreshing oneself.

  • Three Key Physical Features:
    1. All of our wooden cabins are designed and assembled in James Campbell Construction, a local building company, and parked our cabins inside our wood site. In addition, each cabin is accommodated for various size of group visitors, from a couple to a family, and assembled with basic household equipment and tableware. We name our cabins with our employee’s name.
    2. Outside, we have offered a beautiful and memorial night sky view with a high possibility to catch numerous shining stars above. Inside, our signature artifact, a large skylight window and one side wall constructed in glass provide a see-through view.
    3. We have placed our cabins surrounding one natural lake, however, the natural lake would be guest’s backyard and enjoy swimming and fishing in own territory.
  • Three Key Services:
    1. We have a team of professional hiking experts which able to lead a group of 4-10 guests, climbing and walking through and explore the beautiful views of wood, and finish at top of mountain. Our hiking routes have three level of difficulty: easy, moderate, hard, which is suitable for different type of guests: family, friend and hiking Sparta.
    2. Our partnership with Dandelion Hill Farm, a local farm planting various produces, allow guests to purchase or pick their own freshest ingredients. Each day, we have three shuttle bus-morning, noon, afternoon-to bring guests farm. We believe one hand-crafted meal worth double nutrition of frozen food or fast food.
    3. We’re surely advocated the important of protecting our environment and build up a sustainable lodging. We gain from nature and also give back to nature. We have a special way to end our guest reservation, we offer our guest to plant a tree in a nearby empty field.
  • Staffing
    1. The staffs in the hotel require licenses of basic life support, lifeguard and survival training; these trainings are free for the employees to ensure they can handle any accident in the mountain.
    2. In order to encourage staffs to work effectively, everyone has a month extra bonus at the end of the year. Moreover, each month have a best staff from customers voting that receive cash $200, it can provide their best service to customers in this constructive competition.
    3. Every staff receives the hotel “family invitation”, therefore, staffs can bring their family to join this nature. Each staff have 1 free room for 4 people can stay in the hotel for 3 nights with their family, they can enjoy the family time and create more unforgettable memory in here.
  • Ethical Self Evaluation

The Mountain welcomes everyone to work in our hotel. We’re eager to have anyone to join our team not regarding gender, religion, culture and age. We only require our applicants to prove if they are allowed legally work in United States. We ensure to create an equal environment and create opportunities to self-improvement for our staff.

  • Marketing Persona:  Our hotel attempts to raise awareness of the warning of our environment and protect the beauty of our planet. We welcome everyone to experience what our nature gives us. Peggy lives in NYC and just graduated from college. She works in one of Big Four accounting firms and gains tone of work pressure from work. Working overtime is a common routine for her. She often travels with family member or close friend or alone to The Mountain six to seven times a year. She enjoys staying in a quiet and comfort environment that The Mountain offer, escaping from fast-paced city and hiding in the wood. She likes to join our hiking team to climb to top of mountain as a way to releasing her stress. Her favorite time is when she wakes up and a forest greets her which enlighten her day. It’s also a good place for meditation. The Mountain is designed and advocated to have guests spend their time for themselves to relax, not for work or phone. Peggy finds plenty of labor and water activities to refreshing herself.
  • Marketing Editorial Calendar:

The Mountain opens May 01, 2018

Post 1- April 15, 2018

Title: Working in Wood at The Mountain

A blog post about hiring different positions at The Mountain and also welcome students looking a summer job. The post will include a list of required qualifications and job duties.

Post 2- May 01, 2018

Title: Opening day at The Mountain

A blog post about the opening day at hotel including activities like musical concert, food trucks. We offer a promotion on our cabin rate. We also start accepting application for Kayak Competition on May 12, 2018

Post 3- May 05, 2018

Title: Planting own produce

We announce to partner with local farm, Dandelion Hill Farm, to provide an area for guest to pick their own produce to cook. Guests allow to plant any seed of produce into field.

Post 4-May 12, 2018

Title: Kayak Competition

A blog post about a lot of people from New York City, Boston, Albany join our event. The winner will get a prize of $1000 and three-day two-night lodging in our hotel.

Post 5- May 19, 2018

Title: Cabin and Forest

Highlights our cabins are designed and assembled in a trustful company, James Campbell Construction and how they safely placed inside the wood. Emphasize we attempt to separate our guests from technology and integer them into nature, that is the reason of no having Wi-Fi or TV provided.

Post 6- May 26, 2018

Title: Environment Friendly is our goal

Highlights we only provide environment-friendly and harmless shampoo, conditioner, body wash and detergent in our cabins.

  • Staff Hashtags
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    2. #BearMountain
    3. #WorkingInWood
    4. #MeetNewFriends
    5. #NYLodging
    6. #FreshestEnvironment
    7. #AnimalLover
    8. # MovieTime
    9. #CampFire
    10. #ILoveMyJob
    11. #Meditation
    12. #shuttlebus
    13. #FishingOwnFish
    14. #FriendshipBonding
    15. #FamilyGathering


  • Influencer Tags
    1. #TMNY
    2. #LiveInBearMountain
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    9. #FreshestSmell
    10. #NoWifi
    11. #MovieInWood
    12. #NoAlarm
  • Signature Food & Beverage:


Our seasonal dish in winter is Hot Pot. It’s a Chinese dish, a simmering pot of soup stock. While the soup is simmering, prepared ingredients is placed inside the pot to cook fully. It has choice of spicy or mild base stock. It’s a common dish to eat in winter to keep people warm. Guests has choice to pick freshest produce in Dandelion Hill Farm and fish their own fish, or purchase prepared ingredients from our store. We sell various ingredients such as mushroom, cabbage, boy Cho, lettuce and sliced fish, sliced fat beef. And frozen shrimp. Our guest will enjoy their hot pot in their own cabin, a dish for a group of people sitting around the pot to eating and talking which enhance friendship and unite family. The warm air will sweep away coldness. It alights with the servicescape at our see-through glass wall while outside is snowing because the temperature in our mountain is very cold at night and having a hot pot can keep guest warm. In addition, guest has a chance to eat the freshest ingredients obtained by their labor.

  • Service Recovery: Customers complain that when they arrive in the hotel, the heat system takes very long time to reach to the desirable temperature during winter. The hotel located on bear mountain therefore the temperature is lower than other areas and the heat system requires longer time to heat up in the freezing environment. Therefore, our stuffs turn on the heat before customers arrive the cabin and ensure that the customers satisfy with it.