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La Noir Satine


La Noir Satine


 hotel logo a spiral flower


40 Furman St Brooklyn, NY


La noir Satine is a hotel designed to provide a safe space for guest to practice, live, and indulge in their kinks, fetishes, and other fantasies normal frowned upon in another hotel. The hotel is also a safe space for sex workers. Professional Dominants, exotic models and actors, as well as the people who use their services, we however do not promote prostitution and do not codon the solicitation of sex.  La Noir Satine while open and welcoming to all individuals, and does not kink shame we are not a swinger’s hotel.

The hotel colors:

The hotel Sports a Black Satin Carpet that line the floors. The walls are decorated with photography and art from local artist, that show case the artistic side of BDSM. The color scheme of the walls is that of a smoke and ash grey, that allows for the rooms and halls to be well lit when natural light is present. The staff uniform either comes in black, red, or a light lavender.

Physical features:

  • The rooms are sound proofed.
  • The rooms are equipped with heart beat sensors that are constantly monitored. If a guest is in distressed for an extended period of time, the doors to their room will be unlocked. On staff EMS and security will be sent to the room immediately.
  • Each room comes with a massage table that has restraints for bondage play scenes
  • There is a saint Andrews cross concealed in the wall, the sealed wall will not close once someone is actively strapped in.
  • There is a stabilized harness concealed in the chandler, that can support a weight up to 300lb
  • The rooms are designed to double has be normal rooms with hidden features for guest that have use for them.
  • Located in the basement of the hotel there are multiple dungeons for individual use.
  • 8 ft deep pool
  • Jacuzzi tub

Services provided:

  • Full spa service provided
  • Special aftercare spa, with private “little space” rooms available, for submissive who’ve had intense BDSM scenes
  • Discrete black car service available
  • 24/7 on premise EMS and security personnel
  • Private ambulance buses
  • Out sourced Professional Dominants, that can either be Male, Female, or gender non-conforming.
  • Partners with fetlife, and other kink related communities to flag potential guest who have been black listed with in the community.
  • A specialized voice recognition system is in place so that guest can verbally call for help if needed.
  • We also do background checks on guest, to make sure they don’t have a history of violence. Even minor offenders are put on a watch list.
  • While discretion is a key aspect of the hotel, safety is a top priority before all else.

Staff (hiring)

La Noir satine is an equal opportunity employer. We do however prefer a more experience staff, but will hire and train those who are willing to learn, as well as be open minded that we are not a conventional hotel. Experienced staff member will have the experience that come from being active in their roles, but the newer and possibly younger staff will offer a more up to date perspective. The goal once on board is that each one teaches one.

For certain positions like EMS, Security, ambulance service a written and physical test to solidify their employment with the company. Out sourced Dominants will need to come with references as well as be able to pass a background check.

Staff (training, retention, rewards)

  • Both security and EMS staff are required to be certified in CPR and first aid.
  • All training to retain or renew certifications will be covered by the hotel
  • Surprise drills are performed in order to test training, response time, and effectiveness.
  • Other staff members who have an interest in kink have the option to participate in 101 classes that are paid for by the hotel, for some staff members these classes are mandatory. Classes will consist of how to undo restrains, provide aftercare, as well as asses the state a guest might be in and how to respond accordingly.
  • Staff who fail to retain certifications will be put on a mandatory suspension and will have 30days to renew them. Failure to renew certification in the period given will result in termination.
  • For every year employed by the hotel, staff will be given bonuses.

Marketing Persona:

La Noir Satine markets to those who are apart of the BDSM Community as well as having an interest in various kink. We market ourselves as a hotel where being sexually open, accepting of all who are respectful, as well as a safe space for people of different back grounds.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

Oct 1-

Title- open house

Hiring event for all positions

Nov 15-

Title- Exam day

written and physical tests for those who made it through the interview phase of hiring.

Dec 20-

Title-Confirmation Day

Exam grades and employment confirmation letters and emails are sent.

Jan- 15

Title- New staff training

Those who have passed exams are brought into meet and train with exiting staff.

March 23- Guest Munch

An 101 info session about BDSM and general Kink.

Staff Tags:

1:#Great Service






Influence tags:

1: #Kink

2:# BDSM

3:# D/S



signature drink: The New York Street Corner- designed by Terrence “Teddi” Sutton

 Designed by Terrence “Teddi” Sutton for Small axe pepper

Signature dish:

Seared Salmon with Butter Nut Squash Puree surrounded by a demi glace

Disability Focused Hotel CRM

A potential problem that was extensively talked about during management meetings, was the potential for the lifts in the pool malfunctions and guest cannot be taken in or out of the pool as need. As well as what protocols to take if there are multiple casualties.

Potential Solutions and safeguards

In the event that a lift is broken lifeguards have been sent to training with how to extract guest from the water safely and quickly. The hotel maintenance will immediately be notified that an issue has occurred and needs to be addressed.

The pool was specifically designed with a ramp that leads into the pool so that either hotel guess or staff can easily access the water. But was also designed to make extraction of injured guess faster and safe than slide over the edge of the pool.

Other safeguards.

  • hotels private EMS are on standby
  • The pool area is always monitored by two lifeguards at all times of service hours
  • lifeguards tested every month on how to extract different injured guest ranging from broken limbs, seizure victim, drowning, etc.
  • Lifeguards are both red cross and city certified.
  • lifeguards are sent to advanced training every 4 months to maintain first responder license.

  • In an emergency situation with multiple casualties, the pool has an emergency train system that safely and quickly drains the pool.
  • All staff is trained in CPR and first aid.




Cream cauliflower Puree with caramelized brown sugar bacon

A homey pureed soup that is smooth and rich with savory and sweet thick cut bacon to addition warm flavor.  Dish created by Terrence “Teddi” Sutton.
Potato purée with lobster gravy. It is not the highest use of lobster, but it may be the highest use of gravy. Dish from The Loyal.


This dish is a fall and winter seasonal dish that is supposed to have a warm and welcoming vibe that invites those to sit and feel at home. The sweet bacon cuts through the rich creamy texture and flavor of the soup to ad a bit of smoke and sweetness.

This is a seasonal dish that would fit right into the menu at The Loyal, which Pete wells boast has a bit of something for everyone.

The Loyal is a restaurant located at 289 Bleecker Street, in the Greenwich village of Manhattan. the restaurant is run by Chef John Fraser, who also own two other restaurant that are Michelin stared.

Service element: The Soup is served in a black slate bowl that has no set shape. It is meant to make the white of the soup pop while also giving the brown glaze of the bacon a chance to shine as well. The bowl is smooth, delicate but also sturdy like the hands of a grandmother that would have made it.

Service scape element: The Loyal is said to be a place that is run formally but has the vibe and atmosphere of a 1950 club. a soup of this type can be served without meat in a fine dining restaurant as an appetizer  to warm guest coming in from the cold. But a club of the 1950s would be daring enough to serve bacon as a non breakfast item.