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5 Stars La Ballade Hotel

Name of Hotel: La Ballade

Location: 128 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn, NY11201


Hotel Mission Statement: As New York’s first mega  wood and chocolate themed family oriented, indoor water park hotel here at La Ballade,  we are committed to delight our guests every time by creating engaging experiences straight from our heart. we are dedicated to continually improve service, satisfy guests and provide them with memorable experiences that are fun, entertaining, and educational about lessening our impact on the environment. We believe in making our guests happy beyond imagination.

Hotel Colors:

The hotel focuses on wood and chocolate themed. We have a chocolate marble floor in the lobby and a huge fountain . then we have a gigantic chocolate bar wall decor to observe while checking in.  La Ballade is a culmination of an  ingenious renovation project. Light from the glass roof dances along the winding black staircase framed.

Three Key Physical Features:

Memorable moment chocolate is the essence of La Ballade awaken the senses with a fabulous La Ballade signature chocolate beauty treatment, and enjoy a gourmet getaway with a hot chocolate at the bar.

Exceptional seminars, meetings,receptions, weddings. The meeting rooms of La Ballade; Eva’s Garden  open during spring and summer, the castle is the second meeting room it is available all year long.

Unparalleled pampering, well- being and serenity await you in the spa, the pool is where treatment and light therapy delight the body.


Three Key Services:

At la Ballade we provide guests with a free shuttle bus from JFK airport.

La Ballade  provides guests with children of all ages a daycare service, available at all times. We have different nannies who deal with all ages even newborns. The service includes all time access to be able to watch your kids with a nanny cam that is connected to your phone for less worrying, as well as a a bracelet to alert parents when their kids are crying.
The hotel will have a water park 12 Roller coasters also an excursion to the Brooklynn Bridge. At La Ballade we offer a workshops that would show guests how to make delicious truffle, chocolate portrait painting.

Although family oriented we believe in adults having fun too. Our rooftop lounge offers amazing views of Manhattan and the bridges that link the city to Brooklyn. In the First floor next to Castle meeting room we also have  Our famous restaurant serves traditional French Cuisine.


At La Ballade we have a motivated work staff that is great on handling guest’s accommodations. Our policy is to offer everyone an unforgettable experience,the guest must be impress by our hospitality. Our smile is our logo how we leave others feeling after having an experience at La Ballade becomes our trademark. We have a reward system that allows any staff that receive 25 reviews with the checking code or more will be beneficiary to stay at any 3 stars hotels in the world for 5 days of free charge . We offer paid vacations, opportunity to growth within the company,  health benefits, scholarships, staff can accumulate their sick day for at least 2 years.
We have counter at the exit  where guests can leave comments, make suggestions, or tell us about the experience. It works on a Chabot platform where it asks you questions based on the category you click. We hire first hospitality graduates and students. we also offer internship for hospitality management  and marketing student  If you have a degree or experience you get specific jobs including managerial and we have an amazing hands on training program for entry level positions. We rely a lot on social media to promote hiring events and sites such as Hospitality group,LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Hcareers, Indeed.
Ethical Self Evaluation:

La Ballade  is a diverse hotel we welcome everyone and tries to provide a scrupulous experience with no biases or judgments. We hire based on your competence, we hire your potential to make us better. We are not focusing on race, color nor age.

Marketing Persona: Our marketing target is people who are interested in art,  woodworking . Second persona are parents who would like their children to experience art and pastry.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

November 22, 2018 “Staff orientation” – After the hotel finished hiring for opening staff, a manager holds the orientation for staff. Staff makes sure to prepare welcoming guests for two weeks later.

November 25 2018 “Opening ceremony” – The hotel has the opening ceremony at the meeting room inside of the hotel for press. Then, all front desk staff greets guests at the lobby. We serve the welcome drink to guests.

November 30,2018 “Introducing the workshop at our kitchen built only for interacting with guests” – We post all events plan which will be held at our kitchen from this month to next month.

December 25, 2018 “ Christmas special” – We offer 50% discount with promotion code until December 28, 2018.

December 28, 2018  ” New year’s week” – the new year  is here. We promote our French Traditional restaurant inside of the hotel.



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Signature Food or Beverage:

#Navarin d’Agneau

This delicious hearty lamb stew. Often cooked a day ahead, the lamb oris combined with potatoes and other vegetables for one filling and heart-warming dish


Service Recovery: All employees have a meeting in the morning and they can speak out something such as any issues, concerns, and suggestion to other staff. At the meeting, managers will tell them feedback from guests, so staff could know guests complain or positive comment. Staff meeting might lead to solve problems and build up a good team.



Seasonal Dish- Brio Tuscan

Brio Tuscan is located in 160 Walt Whitman Rd, Huntington Station, NY 11746 BRIO Restaurant Group is a growing company operating successful concepts including BRAVO! Cucina Italiana.

They achieve their goal  in a number of ways: First, by delivering “Tuscan  Hospitality” that makes guest feel like home. Second, by bringing together Tuscan-inspired flavors and cooking methods that transport  guests to a simpler, more authentic dining experience. Third, by creating an atmosphere that is authentic, warm and inviting.

Seasonal Dish

Grilled Balsamic Glazed Pork Chop.

Service  Element