The Sunset Hotel and Resort



Name of Hotel: The Sunset Hotel & Resort

Hotel Mission Statement: The Sunset mission is to provide a tropical environment in a New York City setting that will make people feel as if they are away in a island. The Sunset will provide a relaxing but hot environment that will make people forget about New York City winter.

Three Key Physical Features:

  1. Each night there will be a themed show presented in the meeting room for both children an adults. Themes will vary from dance,acting and musical performances allowing children and adult to become part of them.
  2. In the basement location there will be a circulating pool that will have access to the outside area when its warm. This location will also have jungle gym play set next to the pool. Inside the pool there will be a swim up bar and one outside of the pool. Guest will be able to have access to finger food.
  3. This Sunset will be decorated with a sun,sea and sand themed throughout the hotel and inside rooms. These features will include palm trees

Three Key Services

  1. The Sunset hotel will provide free trips and admission to museums and theme parks
  2. Swimming lessons will be provided for both children and adults. These lessons will be in the morning.
  3. There will be a daycare provided so parents could leave their children at while they relax around the hotel.


  1. Staff will be picked through orientation where different task will be assigned to them. This orientation will consist of three levels those who could achieve all three are able to join the Sunset hotel.
  2. Through the month each staff work ethics and growth will be recognized in a meeting. In this meeting staff will be rewarded with gift cards,spa day or a paid hotel or restaurant reservation.
  3. To the employee of the year this staff will be rewarded with a paid vacation to any other state or country.

Ethical Self Evaluation:In order to provide the best service to our guest staff will be rotated into each department to avoid one specific staff member knowing everything. In addition, staff will be required to be retrained to evaluate those who are ready to grow into new departments  or those who still need more training.

Marketing Persona:The Sunset Hotel and Resort will provide an environment welcomed to everyone. An environment where people could forget about the word stress and feel liberated.  

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

Open House January 7, 2019

Exam Day January 15,2019

(Those who had passed through orientation will have to take a written exam )

Hiring Day January 28, 2019

On hiring day people will go through a 1 on 1 interview through management and will be told on the spot if they are hired.

February 1, 2019

1 week of training is required after hiring

February 15, 2019

First day of work

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#Sun,sand and sea


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# Amazinghotels



#Great service

Signature Food:The Chimi Burger

Signature Drink: The CocoLoco


Service Recovery:

Meeting will be held during the morning and afternoon, these meeting will allow staff to share concerns,complaints or anything they feel has to be discussed. In addition, in these meeting managers will be able to talk about guest complaints or anything that has to be addressed that was seen by managers that was wrong. Staff will given positive and area of improvement feedback.

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