Guest Complaint: swimming pool hours (Anna Li, WEN Chen, Jeanette Aniceto, Rosa Luciano, Daniel)

Problem: Guest paid a lot of money to stay at the hotel and to use the amenities. During the day he was busy and  he tried to go for a swim later in the night. For safety reasons, the pool closed at 11PM because there are no life guards. The guest was mad because he was not informed about the pool hours.

Report: The front guest office immediately apologized for the inconvenience. They offered him a complimentary spa day, but the guest is leaving in two days and there are no openings. The guest will be returning 3 months later. Front office will (now) personally make a spa reservation for him, so he can have a enjoyable stay next time.

What’s next?: To ensure all our guests satisfaction, everything must be noted in guests portfolio. updates between departments will be notified by email and every staff is required to check their emails in the beginning of their shifts. The MOD  will provide shift reports and frequent updates of any immediate changes. Guest service will have more power to solve guest services issues. They are allow to compensate to a certain extent to satisfy our guests. GSA must inform guests about amenity hours or inform guest to check amenity hours listed in their rooms.

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