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Shabushabu Macoron

Shabushabu Macoron is located on Delancey Street this restaurant opened up last fall.

The servicescape of the business

A new shabu restaurant appeared where a chef standing behind a counter does all the cooking for no more than eight people at a time. Her name is Mako Okano. Out of a style of dining that has always been a big, informal free-for-all, she has built a quiet, refined, intimate spot called Shabushabu Macoron.

Service: Shabushabu Macoron Usually backed up by two other women, but occasionally working solo, Ms. Okano moves deliberately. She will gesture to the placemat, where the night’s eight or 10 courses are written out in Japanese, and with the same courses printed in English. The price is $128, Ms. Okano has modeled her restaurant on omakase sushi bars, where the chef calls the tune.

Seasonal Dish

Pumpkin Croquettes

Japanese mushroom soup

Service Element Artifact

Japanese steamed seafood soup pot-kettle

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