Hello Kitty Paradise

Name of Hotel: Hello Kitty Paradise

Location: Colonial Rd & 68 St & Shore Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Hotel Mission Statement: This Hello Kitty theme park covers 500 acres and contains 6 theme areas of different styles. It is the first Hello Kitty theme park in New York City. It has 11 large-scale amusement facilities, and it also has the castle hotel of America’s first chute Ferris wheel. This is the most complete place for Hello Kitty merchandise in the United States. Not only children but even many adults come here to keep buying and buying. The world’s sweetest Hello Kitty Castle Hotel and lovely Hello Kitty cuisine! Never run to Japan again.

Three key physical features:

      1. Every item in the Themed rooms were made from Japan
      2. all the staff in our hotel are from New York and the food and drink are supply by the New York company can create more jobs.
      3. the decorations inside the hotel will all came from the artist from America which can create more jobs.

Three Key Services:

      1. Themed rooms, from bedding, slippers, to dental equipment, have Hello Kitty elements
      2. Fun Ferris Wheel: Entering Hello Kitty Paradise, the colorful Ferris wheel that can be seen at first sight is currently the third in the world and the United States’ first chute Ferris wheel. With 8 fixed cockpits and 8 active cockpits, visitors can not only enjoy the wonderful Ferris wheel time in the cockpit, but also enjoy the joyful sight of Hello Kitty Paradise at a height of 42 meters.
      3. There are theme restaurants in each of the six major areas of the park. Each restaurant has its own style, with Chinese, Western, Japanese-style set menus and noodles. A wide range of different dining experiences.


      1. Rewards: time off, Once a year employee travel, Year-end bonuses for the employee work long than 1 year
      2. Hire internship and supply 3 months training.
      3. A website that staff can common about their feelings and give their opinion about the hotel service or anything else.
      4. Medical treatment

Ethical Self Evaluation:

In our hotel, all the staff and guest are the family members to us. Our goal is to make everyone in our hotel feel like they are in home. Everyone can be get hire by our hotel, while we are hiring, race, age, sex, color, national origin, and religion are never affect the result of the hiring. We have the disabled toilets, wheelchair ramps, and barrier-free access.

Marketing Persona: Wu love to go to the great adventure, but now he got a 3 years old daughter, he wants a hotel that can match both him and his daughter’s demand, fun, safe, stimulating, relaxed, therefore he love our hotel, because Wu can play the thrill ride to enjoy his vacation and his daughter can enjoy the themes hotel room and the Recreation facilities that are hello kitty themes.

Marketing Editorial Calendar:

      1. May 6, 2018: 2 weeks countdown, opening day May 20, 2018
      2. May 7, 2018: hiring open

A post about how to apply the position

      1. May 20,2018 opening day

Staff and the first hotel experience are celebrating it and enjoy the Hotel facilities

      1. May 22,2018 open day at Hello Kitty Paradise

A news about the open day at the Hello Kitty Paradise include all the selling point at the hotel and the ticket booking.

      1. June 20,2018 celebration for opening for a month

Invite all the people who interest for our hotel to came and celebrate with us. (we have free food and coupon to give)


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Signature Food or Beverage: You and your child can enjoy a perfect breakfast once you open your eyes, a Gourmet coffee with a toast that is full of cheese and thick milk with cartoon shaped cereal for the child. You and your child will have a Relaxed and energetic day.

Service Recovery: Each of the hotel room will have a laptop, that the guest can write down their common about the hotel, the service, the food, the complaints and anything else they want our hotel to know. The guest can connect the staff they want when they press the button that on top of their bed while they need help. Each staff will training for each years to make sure all the staff can give their best service to the guest.


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