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I decided to go with this banner because it represents me when it comes to photography since I am a photographer. I decided to go with a camera so when people view my ePortfolio they can start getting a sense of what will be on here. On the camera I also included my IG/tagline so they can follow my work outside of my ePortfolio. In the middle of the lens I put my initials and designed it to be one on top of the other. Overall I wanted to keep it very simple and straight to the point.

Day in the life of Silvana Comori- at work.

I based my video on a small portion of my day which is work. In this video you see the daily routine of what I go through in the office. I work in the IT department at the City College of New York. My job consists of providing a service for professors and students. For professors we provide equipment of computers, cables and etc. For students ( The window area) we provide a service of laptops which is PC or Mac laptops.

Designer Research Paper- Chris Do

Silvana Comori

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Designer Research Paper


Massimo Vignelli once said “If you do it right it will last forever” and that is what my designer of choice Chris Do did. Chris Do is one of the most famous designers out there to date. Like every other designer, he struggled to make it but finally did and is now CEO and Chief Strategist of Blind and the founder of The Futur which is an online education platform that teaches the business of design to creatives.

Before he became CEO and Chief strategist of Blind and founder of The Futur, he attended The ArtCenter College of Design where he graduated from in the BFA major. After graduating Chris Do returned to the ArtCenter to teach Sequential Design for over a decade. Later, moved on to lectured at: California Institute of the Arts, LA Art Institute, Siggraph, Otis College of Design, MGLA, Cal State Los Angeles/Northridge and San Diego City College. Next, he

worked at Cole & Weber, Seattle as an Art Director, Epitaph Records as a designer and freelance designer at broadcast design firm, Novocom and R/GA LA under Kyle Cooper on main titles such as The Island of Dr. Moreau, Celtic Pride and Eraser. After he became known in the industry, he went on to give talks and conduct workshops on; Negotiations, pricing & budgeting, leadership mindset, branding, and graphic & motion design so on. He felt though the most important workshops that could really help any upcoming designer is social media marketing, entrepreneurship, business management and client relations. These are essential because you need to know how to manage your business and get paid the money you deserve for your work. Also, you need to know how to work with clients because every client is different every job that a designer takes on will require different skills and attitude.

To build his company Blind, Chris Do and his team had to figure out what the objective of this place would be, how the Blind can help other designers and so forth. Once this was established their mission statement is to create effective strategies, powerful identities, seamless interactions, and memorable experiences to connect people to brands and organizations. They have a 4-step process on how to help you create, which is one strategy, then branding, digital and lastly motion. Strategy is useful because they dont care whether the company of their client is evolving or new on the block they work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to clarify their purpose, voice and to understand their overall company goal. Next step of the process is branding, Chris Do’s company likes to help build brands that inspire because branding is about expressing a company’s personality and values. Also building a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with customers and makes sure to build long lasting relationships. When it comes to the digital part of the 4-steps, navigating the connected world can get a bit complicated so therefore Chris helps mediate the space between users and the information they need by building intuitive/user-centric interfaces that engage and communicate clearly throughout all devices. And now lastly motion, with this step it helps create videos that combine design, animation and live action and visual effects for businesses of all sizes. Some of the clients that Blind has done collaboration with is Wells Fargo, Honda, Nike and Google.

Chris Do’s greatest success was founding Futur. Futur’s mission statement is to eliminate some of the biggest barriers students encounter most which is money, time and accessibility. The purpose is to gather creative minds, technologists, skills while also covering media platforms and social networks. Do’s company believes that the future of schools isn’t exactly at school at all. Futur believes that school is out in the open everywhere because students needs an open world to be creative and need freedom to explore their creativity. At Futur they help you learn the design fundamentals, business fundamentals also offer free resources. When it comes to the design fundamentals at Futur they first have a couple of questions; how does one become a designer? What skills do you need and where can you learn them? The answer is at Futur. Step 1 is to first distinguish the difference between design and art. Some may say that they are the same but there is a big difference in the approach, intent and application between art and design. Next is establishing what design is, design is client-driven meaning you can’t design if you don’t have clients because clients have ideas and designers bring to life their ideas. Design is communication, designers with the help of typography, imagery, color and texture help give for example an ad, a poster or even a flyer, a website more of a story more of an appealing look. When it comes to the fundamentals of business some questions that might be asked is how does one start a creative business? What does it take to run one? And most importantly how does one find clients? To answer these questions Chris Do believes that before you start anything one must put several things into motion first. It’s very easy to dig yourself into a mess that you can’t undo so before anything investigates first. Learn from others and prepare. One way to a successful business is find a mentor or even hire a business coach (if you can afford one) to teach you things you don’t know. You will learn a lot from peers who already have been through this process. It’s very exciting this industry because you work for yourself, you call the shots but being successful isn’t easy. Most upcoming designers rush to open a business or get themselves into situations one isn’t ready for. Some forget the most essential part which is having your portfolio ready or even having some clients to help. The key to business fundamentals is be smart, take the time to learn what you need to and always stay positive. The overall good thing about Futur is that they offer a lot of free resources and these resources can be accessed through their website. It’s very convenient because it’s just one click away from being accessed.

Diving more into Chris Do’s life apart from Blind & Futur, Do is also an independent contractor, designer and art director. His go to tools to use are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Xd. Here is some of his work

Here is one of his motion graphics of Iron Man


I chose Chris Do as my designer of choice because he’s one of my top inspirations. He was once like us and is now a big-time designer he knows how hard it is to make it into the industry that now he is giving back by offering workshops, being a mentor and coming to schools to talk to kids and inspire them.




Behance. “Chris Do on Behance.” Behance, www.behance.net/chrisdo/moodboards.

“What We Do.” Blind, https://blind.com/what-we-do/.



Field Trip Report- UFT

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Field Trip Report

  1. I liked this machine because I feel like it makes the design process easier because it has a screen were you can assign it to cut the margins and also set up bleeds and so forth. With the help of this machine it makes the designer life easier because you can tell the machine exactly how you want your designs to be printed. This machine is easier to use and the printed designs come out so smooth.
  2. The second machine I liked is the machine were it cuts it into thirds. I liked this machine because it helps give the designs a different format and it can have a lot of more information. The purpose of this machine is to give your designs a different format.
  3. Another machine I found interesting is the machine that is used for when it comes to mail. I found it interesting because there is a process to putting on the labeling onto a envelope. This machine has a few components to reach the final step. First is put the amount of envelopes you need into the machine, then set up the information you need on the screen, then hit go and it will label all of the envelops and it comes out through the other end of the machine.

Logo Research Paper

Silvana Comori

Section D105

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Logo: Captain America Shield

“ Avengers!.. Assemble.” – Captain America.

Captain America is the team leader of Marvel: Avengers. Not only is he the team leader, but he was the first Avenger to be introduced to the fans. His story is the kick starter to the whole Avengers saga. So here is my question to you, what is Marvel without Captain America? What is Captain American without Marvel? In the next several paragraphs, we will go over Captain America’s shield, how his shield has changed over the years, how his costumes have changed over time in the Marvel films, the significance of Captain America, and why he is the team leader of the Avengers.

The first version of the shield created was The Kite Shield. This was the first ever version of Cap’s shield. As shown in Jack Kirby’s first sketch of Captain American this shield was the first one ever introduced. When coming up with the process of how this shield was created in the comic books, he explained that Kite Shield was made from Vibranium-Steel alloy.

This sketch was also the shield Captain America was holding when he punched Hitler in the most memorable issue of Captain American. As it being his first shield ever, it looked pretty good. His shield was a triangle like form with blue and red colors. It even had three stars on the top of the shield. However, this shield didn’t stick for long because one of his competing comic publishers; MLJ comics complaint that “The Kite Shield” symbol resembled another symbol that they used for their patriotic hero known as the “The Shield”. Because of this complaint it resulted to the Kite Shield being replaced with today’s now iconic round shield that was revealed in issue #2 of Captain America. Even though we were introduced with “Kite Shield” we have been given the best gift ever with this new shield.

Up next is Adamantium Shield. In its first stages, it was first known as “The Classic” shield and later referred to as “Adamantium Shield”. Created by Dr. Myron Maclain he still used what is known in the comic book world; Vibranium. The thought process stayed the same when developing this shield. The only thing that has changed is the placement of the star which It is now the center of attention on the shield. Captain America stuck with this shield because of the strong metal that was used. Also, many scientists like Howard Stark had a huge influence in the making the Adamantium. This shield can be found in comic book covers, movie posters, Captain America: First Avenger, Captain America: Winter Solider and Avengers. Because of the Adamantium shield, it has become Captain America’s strongest weapon which made him become an important member of the Avengers.

In the film world, Captain America’s costumes have changed in each film that he was featured in. His top 7 costumes are Uso Uniform, Avengers version, Field Uniform, Infiltration Suit, Base level cap, Fugitive Uniform and his Stealth Suit. When Captain America was first introduced to Marvel fans in Captain America: The First Avenger he wore the Uso Uniform. This costume is a fan favorite because it’s easy to create if anyone ever wants to dress up as Captain America for Halloween. Also, this is the simplest version out of all his other suits. Going back to Captain America: The First Avenger; he also wore the Field Uniform which is one of the important ones because this suit was what officially made him become the fighting man he always wanted to be. In the first movie, he struggled for the military to accept him because of his physical body. He was just a skinny little man that no one would take seriously. After the scientists enhanced his body and gave him his abilities, they later gave him this suit to go and battle. This suit still followed his original color scheme which is blue white and red. His helmet was blue with a white letter “A” big and bold on the front of his helmet. His blue uniform peeked out a little and had a brown leather jacket on top. When it came time for Cap to use his Infiltration Suit, it had a lot of negative feedback. Why? because it seems out of character for him. It doesn’t show off his vibrant colors and that is the whole point of Captain America. In his second film; Captain America: Winter Solider they introduced us his base-level uniform. Which received a lot of good feedback. When you think/see Captain America you think about someone who is strong-will and fight until he no longer can. Base-level cap demonstrates that because his suit looks tough and embodies the colors of the nation (red white and blue). We all know Captain America as a hero but there is a part in the Winter Solider were he becomes a fugitive from the S.H.I.E.L.D, so therefore the Fugitive uniform was introduced. He became a fugitive because he was trying to protect his best friend & war buddy Bucky. With this new image of his, this suit represented the darkness and vigilante side of him. It still had the same three colors but it was all faded, his star in the middle was all torn and faded out with his suit not being vibrant anymore. His face also changed with him now having long hair and a long beard. With the help of vibranium again to create his suit the result is this suit made him look like the ultimate fugitive in the Marvel universe. Lastly his Stealth Suit. With this suit, it showed Captain America’s as a defender of earth. The Stealth suit helped Cap be quicker and more flexible when it came time to fighting the bad guys. Since this suit made him more stealth it made it easier to take out the bad guys with his hands. I personally feel like this suit is the winner because it benefits him in every aspect and when it comes to the fans, it has sold more merchandise than all his other suits ever did. Apart from coolness this stealth suit brings, its practical to use in every aspect.

There are multiple reasons and symbolism behind Captain American and what he represents His logo represents hope. Also, Captain America’s shield is in the top 3 of most recognizable weapon in history. When it comes to comics/films, he is the team leader because of his personality traits and wisdom. He cares about his teammates strongly like Iron Man, Hulk and Black widow. He has experience in combat more than anyone in the Marvel universe because he has fought in WWI, and he has taken on so many bad guys. His unique abilities to fight help him to always come out on top. Lastly, he never gives up.

So, I ask my question again what is Marvel without Captain America? What is Captain American without Marvel? The answer is nothing. We wouldn’t have a Marvel: Avengers if Captain America was never introduced. Captain America wouldn’t even exist if Marvel never created his character. Together they are accomplishing many things.


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  I chose this quote because Im a photographer and every time I capture a photograph I stop and look at what im photographing and their beautiful views to look at. so to me when capturing a photograph not only is it another memory but youre experiencing that moment in another way. Photography helps me have a more positive outlook on life. When I find a good place to photograph I mark it down as a go to spot when I just need a break from the world.


Hello! I am Silvana, and I am currently Communication Design student at City Tech.

I chose this major because I am a photographer, and I knew that these classes would help me to have a better skill set when it comes to editing photos/manipulating photos. And overall have a better artistic eye, analyze every aspect of something in order to capture a great photo. Being in this major helped me get a better understanding of Photoshop, Lightroom & InDesign.

At first photography was just my hobby, but all of that changed for me when I bought myself my first camera. After that all I can remember is whenever I had free time I would play with all of the settings on my camera until I got the settings down. And now my hobby turned into my career. I am now a freelance photographer, I am getting my name out there. Ive so far have had a couple of gigs; Ive shot for a football team, law firm & photoshoots for people. In terms of my photography work I am doing a little of everything whether its landscape, portraits, street photography. But the thing is I love doing a little of everything, I love learning/practicing all forms of photography. My overall form of photography that I love doing is Long Exposure.

My overall goal after graduating college is to continue building my clientele, build my portfolio and lastly open up my own studio.