About Giselle Rodriguez

Giselle Rodriguez was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Panama. After High School she enrolls to study Civil Engineer. She ends up dropping out of college since she knew it wasn’t the career for her.

Giselle is currently on her last semester on getting her Associates Degree in Communication Design  in New York City College of Technology (NYCCT). As a sophomore design student she’s comfortable working with AdobePhotoshop, AdobeIllustrator, AdobeInDesign, AdobePremiere and AdobeDreamweaver. Giselle is a creative designer who gets inspired mostly by nature and music. She is an excellent typographer and photographer. The use of visual hierarchy, scale, emphasis, contrast and rhythm are important for when you want to have a successful photograph and when you want to give the right message with type. She tries to be as expressive as possible with her work. For her it’s crucial to remain focus on a task and what the requirements are when it comes to finishing a job. Sometimes she can be an unpredictable designer, but it’s good to think outside the box.