About Me

Dental Hygiene Program at NYCCT

Welcome to my ePortfolio! My name is Natalya Lyskova. Here you are welcome to explore my personal experiences as a dental hygiene student at New Tork City College of Technology!

I was born and raised in Russia.  In 2008, I earned my M.A. degree in Russian Language and Literature. Before moving to United States, I worked as a public school teacher for a short period of time. I enjoyed teaching but I was always interested in medical field as well. When I arrived to US, I immediately new that I will peruse my dream carrier here. Dental Hygiene profession is literally non-existent in Russia therefore I knew nothing about proper dental care. It was my first dental hygiene appointment that made me decide what exactly I wanted to do. It is a perfect fit for me because it combines medicine with education through teaching patient how to improve and maintain their oral health. In 2016, I was frilled to get accepted to a Dental Hygiene program of New York City of Technology!!!

Throughout these two years in dental hygiene school I have gained theoretical knowledge and clinical experience required to enter the work field.  Every single day was a huge learning experience for me. I was taught histology, periodontology, dental radiology, oral pathology, proper instrumentation techniques, ergonomics, patient education (and much more!) first in theory, and then in clinical practice. My professors guided and corrected me when necessary when I worked with patients. Regular clinic sessions dramatically expanded my knowledge and made me grew as oral health care professional.

Second year in the program, I was given an opportunity to work for Crest/Oral-b at GNYDM 2017. I had a great experience, introducing attendees to the new oral health care aid company had to offer.

I was able to fulfill the role of dental hygienist as oral health educator and promoter in community settings. Together with my classmates I attended Colgate`s Give Kids a Smile at GNYDM, Neptune Avenue Head Start center, Wyckoff Medical Center, Ronald Edmunds Middle School. We taught participants of different ages how to perform proper home care. It was a wonderful experience to give back to the community.

I enjoyed attending NYCCT but now I can not wait to start may carrier as a dental hygienist!!!