Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum Field Trip

In one particular class session, as a class, we visited the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. I have never really heard of it before and was only mentioned by my professor. I thought it was really nice to experience something new and go to a trip.

During that day of the trip, I came to the museum really early not knowing whether I should meet my class or meet them at the museum. So I sat for a bit and was talking to my friend on the phone untilĀ I saw one of my classmates and sheĀ guided me inside to the cafeĀ part of the museum.

From then, we met up with the class and all gathered and got ourselves this really neat pen that you can store all the cool things inside the museum. One of the memorable highlights I have of the museumĀ is the fact that you can draw something and it will end up on the wall. I drew my bands insigniaĀ along with my name and also drew the triforce from Zelda.