Art board Final

Capture 20 Capture21

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Nvidia Commercial Storyboard Final

img001  img002img004

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Nvidia Commercial Animatic Final

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Nvdia Animatic

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Nvidia commercial summary

  1. Statement (Name of product) – Nvidia
  2. Running time # of shots – 30 Seconds
  3. Genre/Tone – Comedy
  4. List VFX/SFX – Zoom in, knocks, Zap noises, and hit noises.
  5. Effective? I believe it is effective because in the ad it shows how AMD can’t handle the power of the games and looking like a weak product, while on the other hand. Nvdia show that it’s capable of handling anything VO? Why? Because it gives it more character and you get to understand how it all plays out in the commercial.
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Commercial Thumbnails

img001 img002

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Nvidia Commercial – Research

NVIDIA Corporation are know for there very own obsolete graphics cards. The corporation began as an American technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Nvidia designs graphics processing units for the gaming market, as well as system on a chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market. There revenue is $5.01 billion dollars, and net income is $614.00 million dollars as of 2016. Nvidia’s target audience is primarily for hardcore gamers, PC gamers, and businesses/corporations. The features and benefits of Nvidia’s products is that it offers you the necessary software such as “Geforce Experience” for any Nvidia product you buy to make sure that the games you play will be optimize for you based on the specs of the PC you have; as well as downloading new drivers for you without having to manually install them like AMD. As of right now, Nvidia’s competition is AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) which they are also know for making processors and graphics cards for business and consumer markets. My strategy is to show that AMD always heats up and is loud while playing video games and can cause a consumers PC rig to malfunction. Then a man with a green suit (Nvidia) who gives him a box of the Nvdia Geforce GTX Titan tells him “The Way It’s Meant to be Played.” He installs the graphics card shows great results such as: his games runs smoother and and his computer is silent when playing games.


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Storyboard Suspense Final – The Unexpected

img005 img006 img007 img008 Storyboard_Suspense_Shotlist Storyboard_Suspense_Shotlist_02

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Suspense story board



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Suspense Story

I walk towards home with a bag of groceries and noticed something quickly entered into the woods. I am curious as to what lurked in those woods. I placed my groceries down and felt curious as to I walk down the path looking around my surroundings till I heard a shake coming from a bush. I slowly approached it as I kept seeing the bush shake. As I got next to the shaking bush feeling fearful as to what’s behind it I slowly spread the bushes and find out it was a stray cat playing with a toy.

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