MAT1375 OL73, Spring 2021

Professor Kan | OL73 | Spring 2021

Final Exam Procedure

The final exam will open on Monday, 5/24/2021 at 12:00am and close Tuesday, 5/25/2020 at 11:59pm. It will be on Rederly/WeBWork.

  • You can find the Final Exam on the “Open Topics” section of the “Details” page or in the “Topics” tab in the Unit entitled “Final Exam Section.”
  • You have 2 hours to complete the exam once you begin, with 2 submissions allowed.
  • 24 hours after you complete your first exam, you may begin a second exam. This second exam will have the same permissions: 2 hour time limit with 2 submissions allowed.
  • Keep in mind there is a 24-hour waiting period between exams. This means, in order to do the exam twice, you must begin your first exam before on Monday, 5/24, before 10:00pm. For grading, I’ve decided on making WebWork worth 20% and the written work worth 80%, with an oral conference to be scheduled at my discretion.
  • I will email you on Wednesday 5/26/2021 if I need an oral conference. Please check your email and reply to me in a timely fashion.
  • I will grade whichever exam has the better WeBWorK score.
  • The final exam must be taken on WebWork/Rederly, with the written work uploaded to your Dropbox folder within 2.5 hours of your start time. Late submissions will result in points lost at a rate of 10 points per hour on the written portion.
  • Submissions must be named with your lastnamefirstnamedatefinalexam1 for the first attempt.
  • For example, if King Dedede takes the final on May 24, he will submit his written work as dededeking05242021finalexam1.pdf. For the second attempt, the only thing that should change is the date, to 0525, and 2 instead of 1 at the end. Another example, if Zan Partizanne takes her second attempt at the final on May 25, she will submit her written work as partizannezan05252021finalexam2.pdf.
  • If you do not name your file correctly, I will be forced to change it myself. If I have to do this because you do not follow instructions, I will deduct points from your final exam.
  • For the exam submissions, they must be 1 PROBLEM PER PAGE.
  • Write your full name, date, and student ID on top of EACH PAGE.
  • Submissions must be 1 single .pdf file with problems listed in number order.
  • If you leave a problem blank, submit a blank page in its place, with the problem numbered.
  • Make sure your writing is clear. You may rewrite your problems after your exam is done, but keep in mind that if your submission is late, you will get points deducted.
  • To avoid unnecessary points taken off, please follow these rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in points deducted.

SET: Student Evaluation of Teaching

SET is a survey filled out by you (the students) to give your feedback on me (the teacher). The college takes these surveys seriously as a way for you to voice your opinions on myself as a teacher. Unfortunately, since the SET link was emailed to you individually, and it’s unique to you, I don’t have a link to share with you. Please check your email to find the survey link.

Click on the link that you were emailed and fill out the survey (it’s short!) and be honest on your opinions. I appreciate you taking the time to do this so that I can improve on any areas I need to. Thanks!

OpenLab Assignment #7, Due 5/13/2021 at 10am

Click here to download OpenLab Assignment #7.

  • Watch the video found here.
  • Answer the questions given on the worksheet. Please include your name and EMPLID on the top of the page.
  • You don’t have to print out the worksheet. You can provide the work and answers on a separate paper.
  • Upload your work and answers to our Dropbox folder. Name the file using lastnamefirstinitial date assignment07.pdf.
  • Please follow the rules of uploading and naming on Dropbox.
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