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Ballerina dancing Girl looking at Nature Couple holding hands

  1. For the first design I wanted to include a ballerina dancer in the middle of a beautiful place and she is doing what she loves to do which is dancing. I wanted to portray the message of not worrying what others have to say about you, As long as you’re doing what you love to do. There are many people throughout the world who are scared of following their dreams. I wanted to how much of graceful the dancer is, she’s dancing like no one is watching her and she is enjoying every bit of it . For the Type I wanted to include a script type because the script type reminds me of elegance and purity.
  2. In the second design I wanted to use a picture that represented a girl in nature and living her best life . Living like nothing else matter and being relaxed, I wanted to create . The font that was used is Avenir , I decided to use that font because I found that with that font I was able to get the message out there .  I felt that the image best describes the overall message of what I was trying to get across .
  3. For the last design I wanted to include a couple in love and the message of love like you never been hurt . This message is important because its okay to let yourself be loved without fearing that you are going to get hurt at the end of it . I wanted to portray that exact message because its important to be yourself and always believe that things happen for a reason. For the type I wanted a simple Sans Serif font and I wanted to make the words pop out more , The font that I used was Sukhumvit Set .


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Hello my name is Johana Paguay , I am a student at New York City college of technology and I am currently majoring in Communication Design. Design always sparked an interest in me , since I was small I remember that I would always design my projects over the top . My teachers always appreciated me doing that because I was able to show my capability and It showed how much time I put into making my projects . Since I was small I always felt like I was connected and devoted in creating new things for my project and being always being on top of my projects. The interest for Graphic design sparked at a young age , I was always eager in learning things I always wanted to see new things that I could create . Graphic design in general I find it interesting because it has allowed me become the person I am . The two quotes that I always keep so close to me is “At first if you don’t succeed try try again “ and “ You live and you learn “ These two quotes have helped me when I felt like giving up , it has allowed me to truly understand that I can do . I describe myself as someone who is a perfectionist , determined and persistent . When I think of Graphic design I think of all the amazing things that its designer gets to experience , they get to express themselves and allow their creativity run lose . Some Academic goals that I have is allowing myself to get out of me confront zone , I tend to so something I know how to do , I want to have the opportunity to be able to challenge myself and be more expressive. I want to challenge myself more because I know that I can do it because I believe in myself . I want knowledge to start growing because I know that it’s possible . I feel the remain courses that I am going to take in the future will help me reach my goal which is not to be afraid . Being Afraid or the world failure are my enemy . However, with all the hard work and the support from my family I know that I can do it. My family support through all this is so important because they motivate me and they always have my back whenever I need their help and for that I am forever grateful . While being in New York city College of technology I have taken courses that has helped me and benefited me. The course that I have taken is Raster and vector, Communication Design 1&2, Type & Media, Figure drawing, foundation Drawing and etc. All these classes have helped me be the designer that I am now and I am super grateful for the opportunity that I have because it has helped me understand what kind of things I like designing. The classes have shown me my strengths and weaknesses. I feel like these classes have benefited me because I was able to learn so much from them . All my professor have years of experience and I like to hear them talk about the field , I feel like listening to previous experience is important because I can start to get the idea of how it is to work in the field . I learned so much about design in this school because I was never taught that much of design before . In my High school I attended a business school , there was only one Art Class . I still remember my high school art teacher because when I graduated she told me , she sees such great optional to never give up on art . Those words impacted me because it was from their I realized how much I enjoyed designing . That class has helped me so much because when I first started I wasn’t good , but slowly I started to improving . I still have the art work because I am able to see how much I improved . I learned how to use photoshop here in City Tech and it’s a life changer , you can do so much with this software , I don’t consider myself a full pro but I am getting their using photoshop and InDesign . Both software’s have helped me with other classes . Some magazines that inspired me is Elle and Vogue . I love how they have their magazines set up and how correlated they are. Both magazines do a good job explaining the information and I love how they ads and magazines is set up as a whole . Overall, I love how much I learned and my other goal is to learn much more and be the best designer I could be .