Illustration 1 Final Concepts

The story I chose was Shakespeare’s MacBeth. I changed the setting of MacBeth to be a sci-fi story. Instead of taking place in Scotland, the story now takes place in a spacecraft floating above a planet, while being next to a space station. The characters have been changed for dramatic effect, and so has their environment. For example, instead of sneaking into a castle using woodland camouflage, the soldiers of MacDuff and Malcom use steal cloaking technology to infiltrate MacBeth’s ship. Duncan is now a cyborg robot mech and is slain by MacBeth, who then is promoted to the ship’s captain after learning he can become the Admiral of the fleet the ship was from.


Henry Chang Project 2 – Word bubbles, sentences, sketches, and pencil draft.

My first combinations that I chose were Boardwalk, Videogames Press Event, and Concert. Video Games Press Event was similar in-line with the concept of E3, so I assumed it was an ambidextrous term, and could keep my safe from not being able to use copyrighted material.

I highly liked the second sentence, since I could easily find content and relate to similar things. “Boardwalk event featuring E3 providing and sponsoring local food”. Inspired from my primitive concepts of drawing “Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest”, I went with drawing a hot dog. And Coney Island is a a hotspot for Nathan’s, which makes hotdogs. What a coincidence.

I chose the 2nd row, 3rd column sketch because it was a straight forward design. A hotdog in coordinance with food, with the beach in the background, and in place of something like an olive on a toothpick, it’s a little paper game controller instead. It’s much intuned to the little flags you’d see in product placements.

I had some sketches done with hot dogs in preparation for the pencil draft, and a large Xbox controller drawn from reference. The final controller design is a little more original though, and is not a carbon copy.