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This site is designed for students taking COMD4801 (OL30) ‘Portfolio’, in
the Communication Design department, at the New York City College of
Technology, of the City University of New York.

Students build their personal brand, design an identity to tell their
brand’s story, and build a portfolio of student work that they’ll use
for entering the design profession.


Course Number: COMD4801
Section: OL30
Course Title: Portfolio
Student count: 5
Meeting place: Online in Blackboard Collaborate
Meeting time: Friday 6:00p to 8:30p
First-class: January 29, 2021
Last-class: May 21, 2021

Course Description
Development of each student’s strategy for entering the design profession.
Cumulative work will be critiqued by faculty and professional advisers.
Students build and edit their portfolios to meet professional standards, and
will add materials as needed. The development of individual promotional
pieces, resume writing, job search, and interviewing skills will be emphasized.

These are the 5 session dates, where we ALL meet:
January 29
February 5
March 19
May 14 and 21

These are the 10 session dates, for 1:1 meetings:
February 19 and 26
March 5, 12 and 26
April 9, 16, 23, and 30
May 7


Jason Falk  (preferred pronouns He/His)

Educator. Career Coach. Creative Director.

Product development and design



Early career
Throughout my early career, before I owned a design co., I was a Graphic
Designer, Art Director, and Sr. Creative Director

My Company:
But, for the last 23 years, I’ve owned a boutique design company in


CUNY Email

Join here

In-person and in-writing, you may call me Professor, or Mr. Falk


Open Lab
– Course assets will be posted to this Open Lab site
– Please make a point of checking in on a regular basis.

– I’ll also alert you when I’ve added or changed content.

Our weekly sessions
We’ll always meet in Blackboard Collaborate unless otherwise directed

1:1 scheduling
You can schedule all 1:1 meetings, with me using my Calendly portal. If
Friday evening doesn’t work for your 1:1s, you’ll find other options, listed
in the Calendly calendar.


– Project grades, will be uploaded, to Blackboard
– You can always check your grades, for assignments, and your average

– Your projects should always be uploaded to Blackboard.
– This includes thumbnails, sketches, research, drafts, and final designs


Please sign up here, to access our course Slack channel

– Please download the app to your smartphone and keep it “on”
– I will post important items, and ideas, to Slack

– You can communicate, for a quick reply
-You can ask me questions, throughout the week
– You can show me work, throughout the week

– You can ask fellow students for insight and feedback


  1. It’s important that you establish weekly virtual participation. This is part of
    being a professional designer
  2. Please be on-time for each session
    • If we are all meeting, then our session starts promptly at 6:30 pm
    • If we are meeting individually, you’ll have a specific time to log on
    • It’s important that you aren’t late
  3. All assignments need to be submitted on time
  4. Proper attire—dress as for physical classes
  5. No profanity
  6. Learning online requires paying attention. If you have a question, you can
    use the chat feature, or “raise your hand”
  7. Voice volume: most microphones pick up a normal speaking voice. You don’t
    need to yell—speak clearly in a normal voice volume.
  8. Mute your mic, as needed, to eliminate background noise

Student Survey ( Only instructor will see responses)

  • Choose the one that best describes you.
  • Choose the one that best describes you.
  • Ex: Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, etc
  • Please be as descriptive, as possible
    (Home or someplace else)
  • You, your situation regarding coursework, or anything else?