Hi. I am a student studying communication design in City Tech. I am interested in web design these days. Design sometimes can be demanding too much creativity, and sometimes it feels hard. However, the sense of accomplishment when I see the finished work through various stages is what makes a design attractive. When I think of my past experience before coming to this school, although it was not a complete design event, it always seemed necessary to have a design element in between. In that sense, I believe that all of the courses that I am currently studying at school will be my strong foundation in the future.
I would like to have a job in a more specialized field such as a front-end developer if given opportunity after this time. With the increased use of computer and high-technology, I want to take advantage of this course to incorporate with a design. I would like to continue to work hard to utilize various professional design programs that I am learning now, and I sincerely hope that my goal in this field of design will bring positive changes and results to my life. I think good design comes from good designers. That’s why I want to be a good person and have a good design.