About Me

My name is Christopher Wong.

Currently I am studying Communication Design at CityTech.

When entering college my first major choice is to become a Cartoonist. My goal was to major in Cartooning and have a minor in graphic design. I went to SVA to pursue my Cartoonist goals. It was not until several years later that I decided to delve more into graphic design when I began to work for a jewelry company (Steven Vardi Inc). I have alot of experience in Photoshop due to drawing comics, tinkering textures files from videogames and from all the art classes that I took. I was hired by the company to be a courier, it was when they learned about my Photoshop experience that set me into graphic design. I began to create all sorts of banners, graphics and ads for them, as well as clean and edit their jewelry pictures. They liked what I did and my position changed from a courier to a sort of editor. When they wanted something created or edited I would be the person they go to. This made me want to go more into graphic design. I want to further improve my skills professionally so I can be better at my job and open up more opportunities.

Now as for my favorite designers that is tricky, the reason is my tastes are more on the cartooning side. I’m still more of a cartoonist at heart then a graphic designer. I love drawing with my hands than work with a computer. You can see and feel passion when you draw the picture with your hands. Using a computer is great to enhance your picture but when creating things I feel its a bit more cold. I love J Scott Campbell‘s work, Amanda Conner‘s work is great as well. I love character designs that are simple and colorful. I’m not a big fan of art that strives for realism, its too bland in my eyes. I guess then comes from my love of manga; I was a huge fan of Japanese comics in my highschool days at NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies