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In photography, where blur is mostly undesirable, this effect appears as an artifact when photographing fast moving objects in the frame and consists in the fact that the subject is blurred, loses its sharpness and stands out from the general background. This effect can also appear if you move the camera sharply during exposure. Sometimes motion blur is deliberately achieved by photographers to make the frame more dynamic. To start seeing Motion blur- shutter speed needs to be set up on 1/20 or longer. In my picture shutter speed was 1 second.


Depth of field is one of the most important tools in photography. It allows you to focus the viewer’s attention on the subject of the shooting and manage this attention on secondary objects. Depth of field is the zone in which the objects in the frame look sharp enough. To create a shallow depth of field aperture should be open on max. More aperture is open – more light goes on the camera sensor, thus, shatter speed and ISO parameters must be adjusted. For this picture, the diaphragm aperture was (f)2.8 .

3 .

Lightroom adjustments :

  • Crop
  • Exposure +
  • Contrast –
  • Temperature – (colder)
  • Whites +
  • Blacks +
  • Shadows +
  • Color : Greens – lower saturation . Blues – exposure +
  • Adjusting Brush – light up background with exp+ , shadows + // windows area -highlights +
  • Sharpness +
  • Clarity+


Photographer Sebastian Salgado is known mainly for documentary shots taken in third world countries. He takes a lot of photographs of workers, takes pictures of the inhabitants of developing countries, peasants suffering from poverty and disaster. Answering the question if Salgado uses the camera as a window or a mirror , I would say ”he takes pictures of window in reflection of the mirror” . Salgado’s pictures have a lot of drama . Even the theme and genre of his works are pretty dramatic, he multiply this effect by choosing to present his work in B&W with right framing and clear visual hierarchy.

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