Photography 1, Friday 8-11:20am

C. Shepard | 1340-OL90| Fall 2020


5 pts total. Put the following elements together into a post. Use the category “STUDENT POSTS” and “QUIZ#1”.

Each of the first three questions is worth one point – .5pt for the photo and .5pt for the description.

1. 1 … Read More

Welcome, Students!

Switching to online learning has been challenging for everyone, but nevertheless we are going to have a great semester! There is so much we can do together, and separately.

In order to do well you need equipment. Please make sure … Read More



1 .

In photography, where blur is mostly undesirable, this effect appears as an artifact when photographing fast moving objects in the frame and consists in the fact that the subject is blurred, loses its sharpness and stands out … Read More

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