1. The Purpose of Motion Blur is the blurring of an object in motion in order to get a visual effect. It is great technique for capturing moments in a still image. In order to take a picture with motion blur it’s best to play around with the shutter speed. Shutter speed is how much time of light the camera is getting exposed to in order take the picture. I took a picture and had my shutter speed at 1/10 the picture showed motion blur but the picture was also way to bright I had a hard time capturing a moment of motion blur.

2. Depth of Field can be made through focus. In order to capture Depth of Field one subject must be the main focus of the photo while the background is out of focus or in other words blurry.


  • Played with contrast
  • lowered the temperature to make the weather look “colder”
  • lowered the tint a bit
  • increased a bit of shadow
  • increased a bit of black and white

4. I think that Sebastiao Salgado uses his camera as a window mainly. While looking at it photos it seems that he went to many different locations and photographed many different things that was happening to the world around him. In some pictures he photographed mother’s and children and it looked like they were really hungry and starving and honestly it breaks my heart to see people being forced to live in those type of conditions. I think that’s what Sebastiao was going for, where as to showing us that these type of issue exists especially in foreign countries.