Design and Color

Below are a few of my favorite projects that I’ve worked over this past spring 2014 semester….


Here we have the first project of the semester. This project was about using a found shape and dissecting it’s lines to create a new composition. In this project I chose a Joan Miró art piece…do you know which one?


This is probably one of my favorite pieces done this semester and it was for a project that was all about using paint and creating a transparent effect. I chose to go for a composition that sort of felt I had placed a blob of though drifting away in space…. pretty cool huh? lol


Near the end of the semester I got a chance to work on creating my own bezold effect. The point of this project was to create a Repetitive Design in Which the Total Effect of the Perceived Hues Used are Altered by the Change of ONE. I think I did a pretty decent job, don’t you?