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  • Chris_DeLeon 10:01 am on May 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Design and Color 

    Below are a few of my favorite projects that I’ve worked over this past spring 2014 semester….


    Here we have the first project of the semester. This project was about using a found shape and dissecting it’s lines to create a new composition. In this project I chose a Joan Miró art piece…do you know which one?


    This is probably one of my favorite pieces done this semester and it was for a project that was all about using paint and creating a transparent effect. I chose to go for a composition that sort of felt I had placed a blob of though drifting away in space…. pretty cool huh? lol


    Near the end of the semester I got a chance to work on creating my own bezold effect. The point of this project was to create a Repetitive Design in Which the Total Effect of the Perceived Hues Used are Altered by the Change of ONE. I think I did a pretty decent job, don’t you?

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    Hi, Thanks for visiting my e-Portfolio! My name is Christopher DeLeon and I am transfer student that studied photography in my previous school. Currently I am studying arts and advertising. On my spare time I enjoy collecting and working on music. I also like to spend time visiting museums and art galleries hunting inspiration for my personal artwork.

    I LOVE:

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    Spring Break Assignment 

    20140428_090816TEXT WRAP & AESTHETIC

    If you take a look at this ad you can easily see there is a clear use of texting wrapping for the words surrounding the car and the male figures head. In this ad the text itself is placed on top of the image and has been carefully placed on a path in two places. The first major text path being for the words “Ford Fiesta” which move along the top of the predominantly forward facing diagonally parked car from it’s front, up the windshield and on to the roof. The type sits not too close and not too far with distance of about 3 picas between the text and the car. One other cool aspect is the way they have manipulated the font around the male figures head. The word here is “Fuel-Efficient” in all caps and sits on top of the previously mentioned words and extends further to the right. For this I like how they have made the text very playful and look hand drawn. The way the capital letters get smaller and bigger again to wrap themselves around the male figures head is a fun way to play with font. It also goes along with the overall mood of the ad, which as you can see is like a photo collage of a trip done by probably the male in the photo. The font is not contained in any real restricted areas and playfully moves freely across the page.

    I’ve really chosen this ad because of the sense of feeling it has given me while looking at it. Not only has it inspired me to get more playful with my designs using fonts, but it has also given me the feeling of wanting to go on a trip. It’s like saying to someone…”You Could Be Here”. This is a perfect ad for someone my age during spring break. It’s fun, it gets the point across for the new car with affordable fuel efficiency and leaves the viewer with something to remember.


    The magazine i’ve chosen to compare is ELLE magazine. I can describe it has a fun fashion forward magazine aimed at people ages 21 and older. The design layout of the magazine is very reminiscent of a well organized scrapbook/journal with almost every image containing a huge smiles from studio loving models and event crazy celebs/ employees. There are lots of multi image page layouts with some being organized in a square/rectangular manner and others with more scrap book collage like feel. Many of the pages reviewing and recommending items remind me of a big table of contents in some other magazines I have seen. There is lots of play with fonts where they sometimes change 3-4 times on a single page.

    Upon visiting there website I immediately got that table of contents feeling, but with a higher sense of organization and elegance. Not as playful with fonts as their print counter part, but still very effective and easy to read. They have created for themselves a site where the visitors would want to come back day after day to receive updated news on celebs and fashion icons. I think the simplicity of the site and the minimalist approach to how it is structure is what really sets it apart from the print version which is more sporadic…you almost never know what will come next. The site is more straight forward with a simple image and title and all you have to do is click and go straight to the article. There is no collage like articles, which I feel takes away from the fun of the magazine. Overall, I think the print is for younger adults, while the web is for more focused and serious fashion heads.



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    Leading With Letters 



         This week in class, we took some time out to do some more work with the letters that had been carved by myself and my classmates. Last week we had learned how to ink our letters and get them stamped on the paper, but this week we took it to the next level and actually put together a few words. The key thing about putting together these words this week was to use are new understanding of LEADING which is stated by google to be “the distance between the baselines of successive lines of type. The term originated in the days of hand-typesetting, when thin strips of lead were inserted into the forms to increase the vertical distance between lines of type”. In other words, “Leading” is what Microsoft word would consider “line spacing” in which users most commonly use “single” or  “double” spacing between each of the lines of text. So the challenge was to use are individual letters to place words together that give a good sense of leading to the viewer. Although this sounds like an easy task, it was actually a little bit more of a meticulous job than expected. If you take a look at the image of my work I provided in this post you’d see that some of the letters aren’t perfectly lined up side to side. Some letters are a little higher than others and some are a little bit lower. I think the reason for this is due to the fact that some people’s letters were not the same size as others. Also, by using letters from other people, you aren’t going to get the same quality of letter from every person, thus, giving your work a mismatch-y kind of quality. Also evident in my photo is my attempt to use lines to guide me on my letter placement, which I believe helped a bit, but probably would’ve been better if I had used a more typography style guide setup with baselines and such. I think the spacing between the words “fun” and “new” is pretty decent, but I am displeased with how close the dot of the “J” in jazz is to the bottom of the “n” in “new”. I also feel that the “a” and “z” letters are a bit too far away from the word above. I think the key to doing this is to make sure all of your letters are carved neatly and also have the same size letter box around them which can help with spacing and letter placement. I also strongly believe that next time I attempt to do this I will try to put down more lines as guides and possibly try to clean every letter I use to make sure the ink doesn’t get all over the place like it has this time around.


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    The Type in Starrett 

    The Type in Starrett

    A single hour is all it took. A single hour is all it took for me to summarize my neighborhoods taste for typography through phoographs. There are 20 of these photographs. Each photo and it’s subjects not so different from the last. Simple fonts that are easy for any eye to read are can be found almost everywhere you’d expect to find a font. Simple lines, some thick, some thin, but all being used to create what we all should know to be letters from the English language. None of the letters were particularly fancy in any way, shape, or form. The reason for this is probably due to the fact that my neighborhood happens to house more elderly folks than other neighborhoods in the surrounding area and possibly even the borough. If you visited my neighborhood you probably would notice the mini mall located in what many locals would call the center of the entire area known as Starrett City. You’d probably notice it not only because it’s the only stores in the neighborhood, but also because of the big red light up block letters that are used to indicate about ninety-percent of the stores in that little mall. If you were to take a trip into some of these stores then you’d notice that the fanciest font found would be the script like font used in the supermarket for it’s produce section and it’s bakery. All in all, the typography used in my neighborhood is pretty bland and could definitely use a fresh take make over by some of the younger graphic designers of today. This would probably boost up the popularity of the neighborhood and bring much more life to it. For now though, this kind of typography is perfect and will continue to allow for visitors to make their way around without any problems at all.

    IMG_20140208_112256 IMG_20140208_111646 IMG_20140208_154149 IMG_20140208_112910 IMG_20140208_112739

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