Week 1 through Week 4


Objectives:  During Weeks 1 through 4, students will gain an understanding about a person’s health using elements of the BEINGS framework (Jekel et al., 2007):

  • Biological/Behavioral
  • Environmental 
  • Immunologic
  • Nutritional
  • Genetic
  • Social/Spiritual/Services

The BEINGS framework is closely tied to social determinants of health (SDH), with both emphasizing a holistic approach to understanding a person’s health. These two concepts will be applied to major health conditions, mental health, and addiction. Lastly, students will learn about the leading causes of death in the United States and related risk factors.

Note: Due dates for all assignments/exams are listed on the syllabus, posted on Blackboard.

Week 1:  Online Lecture
Overview of health and the BEINGS framework

Directions:  Review the links below and be able to (a) define health, (b) describe the Healthy People 2030 program and its priorities, and (c) identify priorities by population. These topics will be discussed during class.

  1. What is health?: Defining and preserving good health | Medical News Today
  2. About Healthy People 2030 | health.gov
  3. Populations | Healthy People 2030
Recommended reading:
Contemporary Health Promotion in Nursing Practice (Raingruber, 2017)
Chapter 1 - Health Education, Health Promotion, and Health 


Week 2:  Online Lecture
Health conditions and social determinants of health (SDH) 

Directions:  In preparation for class discussion, review the following links and identify (a) CDC’s major health conditions, (b) Healthy People’s health conditions, (c) types of health care settings and systems, and (d & e) social determinants of health.

  1. Diseases & Conditions | CDC
  2. Health Conditions | Healthy People 2030
  3. Settings and Systems | Healthy People 2030
  4. Social Determinants of Health | Healthy People 2030
  5. Social Determinants of Health | CDC
Recommended reading:
Contemporary Health Promotion in Nursing Practice (Raingruber, 2017)
Chapter 4 - Genetic and Social Determinants of Health


Week 3:  Asynchronous
Mental health and social determinants of health (SDH)

Assignment – Blog Entry #1 Due on Blackboard
Directions:  After reviewing links (a) through (g) and watching the three ACE videos below, provide a response to these four items on Blackboard.

  • Item 1:  Define adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and provide three examples.
  • Item 2:  Write a one-paragraph summary for each video.
  • Item 3:  Explain how ACEs are related to mental health and substance abuse issues in adulthood.
  • Item 4:  As a health professional, state one thing that can be done to prevent ACEs.
  1. Mental Health Quiz | CDC 
  2. Learn About Mental Health – CDC
  3. Mental Health and Mental Disorders | Healthy People 2030
  4. Marijuana Quiz | SAMHSA
  5. About Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs | SAMHSA
  6. Addiction | Healthy People 2030
  7. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) | CDC

Watch – ACE VIDEO 1

Watch – ACE VIDEO 2

Watch – ACE VIDEO 3


Week 4:  Online Lecture
Health indicators: Leading causes of death and risk factors

Directions:  Review the links and video below and be able to identify (a) leading causes of death in the US, (b) top preventable injuries, (c) health risks, (d) risk factors associated with heart disease and stroke, (e) risk factors associated with diabetes, and (f) risk factors as people age. Come prepared to discuss these topics during class.

  1. All Leading Causes of Death | National Safety Council
  2. Top 10 Preventable Injuries | National Safety Council
  3. Understanding Health Risks | NIH
  4. Heart Disease and Stroke Risk Factors | HHS
  5. Diabetes Risk Factors | CDC
  6. Risks Change As We Age | Video
Recommended reading:
Contemporary Health Promotion in Nursing Practice (Raingruber, 2017)
Chapter 9 - Nursing Informatics

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