Readings and Assignments

Each week, we will cover specific topics related to health promotion and disease prevention and the role of health care professionals.

HSCI 2301 uses online resources from reputable sites to provide instructional information. Instead of a required textbook, it is recommended that students buy or rent:

Contemporary Health Promotion in Nursing Practice – 2nd Edition
Author: Bonnie Raingruber, RN, CNS, PhD  
Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Learning
Print ISBN: 9781284094749

Vital Source eTextbook | Contemporary Health Promotion In Nursing Practice 2nd edition

Students are expected to read through the websites, view any videos, and complete assignments that are posted under:

  • Part A:  Week 1 through Week 4 
  • Part B:  Week 5 through Week 10
  • Part C:  Week 11 through Week 15 

Note: PowerPoints used during the lectures are available on Blackboard. 

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