“Welcome to the Monkey House”

The lengths The Party goes to keep its status quo of government is more insanely brilliant, it being a whirl wind of gore for its subjects to enjoy and dragged into. The Party’s attitude on sex at first in to story is that seen of ” objective ” use, as it only being used to turn out more party members to feed the party, and to spy on their parents. Julia ultimately realizes that this is used two fold. ” It was not merely that the sex instinct  created a world of its own which was outside of the Party’s control and which there for had to be destroyed if possible. what was more important was that sexual privation induced hysteria, which was desirable because it could be transformed into war fever and leader worship”( page 135). The sex prohibition is in turn, just another cog to the Party’s total war doctrine, and allow something as a demagogue like Big Brother to take hold as a central part of society. what is more interesting still is that, porn is distributed among the proles to keep them getting to uncomfortable, as the poorest people generally have sex the most in hierarchical society. The bombastic gathering called “Hate Week”, is simultaneously the biggest paradox to the Party and its apex of glory. the paradox arrives from the fact that Hate Week is a large grouping of people acting very cantankerously with bombs going off all around. (As a side note, the fact that rocket bombs go off much more constantly during Hate Week really solidifies the fact that the Party is bombing its members.). While all the the violent displays are regulated by the Party, with even them playing the “Hate Song” on every telescreens for a week. “The new tune which was to be the theme song of Hate Week (the “Hate Song” it was called)…” “resembled the beating of a drum. roared out by hundreds of voices to the tramp of marching feet, it was terrifying” (page 151). This cacophony never stops even at night, creating more and more hysteria for this week, trying to invoke a sense of constant war and emending doom, the bombs going off in the distance can be seen as a simulated battle almost saying that the “enemy” is close by. this all culminates with the feeling that only Big Brother can protect you from the ravages of war and that surveillance  is for your safety. The history and bulwark of the Party makes it evident on how the Party acts the way it does. The Party’s complete opposition to foreign ideas is because it never really had to deal with strong opposition ever really. The Party takes many of its ideas from the early socialist movements of the nineteen hundreds and the idea that things should be unequal, as the flaw of the past socialist movements was that sense of equality. At the apex of the Party is Big Brother, the cult of personality. “Big Brother is infallible and all powerful” (page 213). The fact that the Party turns the guise of a normal into the head of itself and a god is tell, almost saying its ruled by divinity and that the war machine culture is humanities apex an reason for creation.

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  1. Lots of great points here (about the Party’s use of “sex” and “hate” to control its citizens), but this long paragraph is hard to follow as it has many ideas jumbled together. Break up your ideas into separate paragraphs, and connect points.

    Also, it is unclear how the title relates to the post (you should clarify for your readers).

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