Final Class, Class Notes

On Thursday May 25th, 2017, was our final class in English Science Fiction 2420. Activities that took place in class on this day are as follows:

  • Seven final presentations were made by the seven remaining students namely,
  • Jaraad, Jay, Jared Jorge, Aneita, Pedro and Hunter
  • Professor Belli emphasized to students to write their reflection post directed to her about the things they have learned or would have liked to learn more about in the class.
  • Professor Belli also stressed to students to read what the reflection post requires thoroughly in aid of boosting their grade a little higher.
  • She also made mention of the abstract, cover letter and Powerpoint Presentation to all be submitted in dropbox.

Final Project: Artifical Intelligence and Human Concerns

People have received most of their knowledge about Artificial Intelligence from many type media content like Terminator, I, Robot, and Bicentennial Man in the last century. What we have witnessed is that the AI has been represented in either a negative or positive character in the stories, but now AI has become our reality in our everyday life. People will take what they have learned about AI and most likely lean to the negative idea of either AI “Going to take over the world” or “This is the end of humanity.” My presentation is to bring a little light on how AI is, directly and indirectly, effect out very day lives and if we should be afraid of the future outcomes that are involved in A.I. The topic I’ll be taking will include proving my argument will be Unemployment, Medical, and the Military. Because A.I. is such huge topic to talk about, I’ll be breaking down the definition to other keywords like Weak A.I. and Strong A.I. to simplify the point surrounding the topic.

My goal to towards the end of my presentation is to educate the audience a little about A.I. and the current application that either in the works or that they are personal using at the moment. Also, show the positive and negative outcomes of have A.I. in our world today.

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Sentient Robot


In the research project it will inform about the possibility of building a sentient robot. It will inform the definition of a sentient robot. What challenges that will be confronted or what technology is needed to build the sentient robot. It’s will answer the type of artificial intelligence needed to build sentience into the robot itself. It will present what technology will be able to accomplish in the future in relation to building sentient robot. It will also answer the question of the type of robot that will be made due to the sentient being implemented. There is also research about the current situation or development of sentient robot. It will describe the application of sentient robot in the future and how it will help humans build their world. Overall the research looks into the possible future of making sentient robot a reality. Also the connection it has with science fiction literature.


The topic I start out in my proposal has since been changed as I research more. In the research there was limited information on the original topic that I wanted to research and also the research question was too difficult to answer. The new research question arise when I research more in depth about the topic. On question kept arising that nobody know the answers to. That is where the research question began to form. The project became clearer for me to begin in forming the presentation.

Although the research question was changed to be easier, there were a lot of information that was needed in the presentation slide. I incorporated background information about the topic so the audience to later understand the point I’m making. After the background information I would need to introduce my point which was my answer to the research question. With the research question set I was now able to provide information that would prove my point. During those slide I gave example of how it would be possible to achieve the point that I was making earlier in the presentation. After the point was proven I would then make connection to science fiction in my presentation. I would present a literature in science fiction that feature the point that I was making. The literature will provide some backup to my main argument or research question. In the final slide I would give information about the current status or the reality of my research questions. At the end I would inform the audience the “why” in my research question or argument to make my point stronger. At the end I will provide the list of sources I have used in the presentation. For all the slide I have put points to keep track of the information I’m presenting and not jumble up all the information.

In order to prepare for the presentation I have done more extensive research to answer questions that might be asked during the presentation. I also create some flash cards to keep myself in track and organize my thoughts during the presentations. Presenting so much information at a short amount of time would require me to pace myself really well in order to get to the end without getting cut off.

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May 23rd Class Notes. Presentations day 1.

Peer Feedback based on presentations.

Presenters will present their research project in class. A worksheet will be provided in class to judge the presenters. Take notes on what was good, what was bad, and any further questions that you have for the presenter.

Final  Course Reflection.

Last piece of homework. Due Saturday at 4pm and worth 5% of our grade.

Final Course Reflection

Write a

Tuesday Presenters

  1. Carmen
  2. Alyssa
  3. Ryan
  4. Jesse
  5. Kelz

Thursday Presenters

  1. Jaraad
  2. Jay
  3. Jared
  4. Jorge
  5. Aneita
  6. Pedro
  7. Hunter

Female Roles in Science Fiction

  • Women rolls in movies are improving

My Final Project

Steampunk and Architecture

  • Criticism on real world efforts to build a steampunk inspired building
  • Primarily mechanical in design

steam punk and architecture

Planetary Colonization

Looking to the Stars

Hive-minds and Efficiency

  • Hive-minds have different forms of leaders
  • Social structures can vary

Minds of The Hive Variety

Robots in the Medical Field

  • Robots will not replace doctors in the near future
  • Patients recover from surgery faster when operated using new operation procedure

steam punk and architecture

My project explores the connection of steam punk, a subgenre of science fiction, and architecture. My key focus is to point out the issues technology can cause to our society in terms of being lackadaisical, and losing touch with their natural human form to technology. I explore the upward drive to a more technology filled home, one where the owners have to do little to no work to get what they want. My thesis: is the society becoming too dependent on technology? If so how can the combination of steampunk and architectural design stop this? Steam punk inventions and architectural designs are large, elaborate masses composed of tiny part. when we combine the two we get homes, a crucial part of living, that we can relate too, feel, and be in control of in a manual way. With this, society can separate themselves from machines, and not become consumed.


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The Final Project

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Abstract: The presentation will be about a brief summary of genes followed by how recent developments in genes may improve our lives, how things improvements must be taken with caution and how sci fi uses genetic modification



Reflection: when first researching the first topic I had, I found it to be too bland and uninspired, then I decided to go for a broader topic of gene modification which seem to come up more and more in our day to day lives. Knowing that progress is an inevitability, I instead focused on how they might adversely affect us if left uncontrolled. I came to this conclusion after remembering the crazy soviet scientist that wanted to make an army of monkey men to rule the world, I found him first  a Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov. after finding that crazy old coot, I knew that there were probably some other companies that were looking to monetize something in this regard. and lord and behold I found a bunch of weirdness, from designer babies to trying to copyrighting human genes to trying to modify specifics  characteristics of the human bodies. I did at this point take a look back at the presentation format and that I should go in there like no one in the room knows what I am even talking about, and knowing that gene modification could be confusing without knowing  what a gene is, I began to search up some background info on genes, this also furthered me as i found out that cells can only take about as much data as they are given so over loading them with “new” chromosomes would be a very bad idea, which gave me a new point to discuss. i did want to start out kinda happy at the beginning in order not to sound to much a negative Nancy. I would like to know if this is too of topic but i couldn’t not included it just encase that some people in the class could get lost and my Q/A section is filled with background info and that I have failed to address my topic as people were to distracted to know what is going on. This also serves a refresher to those that may have had prior knowledge of the subject but need a reminder to kick start it and be fully engaged with the presentation.