There was an error with the comm’s unit, don’t send anyone up here!

Between working on the presentation, a project to finalize a video game, a project to create a working demonstration of a video game and studying for a final; I have finally done it. I have won! And I’m only saying that to give myself false hope so that I can manage to drag myself through my days while every ounce of strength I can get is quickly stripped from me. But I’m not here to blog about the storm that is drowning me. I’m here to blog about how my presentation is going.

After the peer reviews and the meeting with the professor I have redoubled my efforts to clearly define my stance/thesis/topic/whatever you want to call it. I am going to talk about how close we are to colonizing a planet. Science fiction enjoys showing off an expansive galaxy where humans can live on whatever planet they so desire. The topic I want to tackle the distance between the fiction we see in stories and entertainment and our reality. And to better pursue this topic I had to scrap three of the sources I used for my proposal and find some new ones. And you know what? I found them! I read them! I understood… most of it! So now I have some resources to draw facts from. The authors of these sources seem reliable and have a history with the topic.

I have a single minute presentation ready to go. So far all practice sessions with this has ended with me on the floor in a puddle of my own blood, but I have an impromptu speech ready for the lightning presentation. And by that I mean I have a card ready so I can talk about specific topics for about a minute. The presentation itself is probably going to be a powerpoint. I don’t want to kill myself by making things too elaborate so I’m going to have some facts and images up on some slides while I talk. So that’s where I’m at with my presentations. I hope that I can remain as a solid state of matter when the presentation starts.

One thought on “There was an error with the comm’s unit, don’t send anyone up here!

  1. Thanks Ryan for this post. Could you revise to include the required info. (specific discussion of your research question/research/claims): From the assignment (

    *Project Progress Blogs: due by Th 5/18 by 2pm. Post to our OpenLab course site as “Project Progress” & bring 3 printed copies to class.

    This should be an update on your progress on your project to date. You should make sure to include:

    -Guiding research questions + claims you are making (answers to those questions)
    -Summary/discussion of the research you’ve done. Make sure to include all sources consulted/found useful. For each source, provide: the full MLA citation with an annotation of the source: brief paragraph of summary of the source followed by brief paragraph of how/why this source will be useful for your particular project (e.g., is it background info.? evidence for a counter-argument? etc.)
    -Reflection on your progress to date and next steps [this should include discussion of the specifics feedback you received from me in our individual conference, and changes you made to address this feedback]
    -What your next steps are, to get ready for the presentation?
    -Questions you still have at this point or things you need help with

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