Small Steps Corrupt

The local of west world seems to be that of, a live action massive multiplayer online video game, where in all the scenarios and sets are constructed in order to provide narrative entertainment. The main difference is that, while most video games are ridged in their designs because of the limitations posed on the confines of the computer and memory code, where in order for a character to break their role, they must ether be killed or glitched. I Westworld, part of the point is to ruin the world, as it resets everyday. This while it seems to indulge in humanity’s more “primal” influences it is more a kin to “People come here to seek freedom and stake their dream”(4:16). Which seems to be an alright concept on the surface until the mistake we leave behind causing ripples unforeseen to everyone, even us the viewer, as to quote the late Steve Jobs “Only looking back can we connect the dots”. As one can never guess the stray fly or fallen photograph that will send events into motion that normally wouldn’t be able to happen. like one of the hosts glitching out  or spinning out of their loops. On the part of the caretakers whom try to make the best experience possible for the guest, try to make everything as real as possible, with the case a revories “Basic gestures where always normal, but these are tied to specific memories”(16:45). This would be a great way to make the hosts feel more human, but with that the more likely they are to rebel as memories by design are made to influence our actions to avoid danger and gain knowledge. Which is why the memories are typically destroyed after a loop, which with code is not the same as our memories as code does not destroy memories, only overwrites them. But in order to construct a narrative world, each host must have their own little inflections such as accent or the way they hold themselves and maybe their “artificial” memories as “Tiny things make them seem real”(17:15). One maybe note that I drawled upon was the choice to use “From the new world” by Dvorak, in order illustrate the tension. This may hold deep meaning as Dvorak said that after his trip to america and visiting native tribes, he was influenced by their musical instruments, and we he came back to Europe, used his vision of the great american plains while trying to recreate the native american’s instruments. I mention this because, Westworld has this take on the american “wild west” as this fantasy to hearken back to and tries to recreate that, but is ultimately changed due to the fact that out side influences have seeped in an corrupted it, how ever small and seeming benign they all are individually, together they form an amalgamation of mutation and everything involved is changed via retrospect. Like the fact that this seemingly wild west town is basically a medieval fantasy tale, just with guns and silly hats instead of armor and swords, giving more to that human “uncanny valley” effect.

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