Sentient Robot


In the research project it will inform about the possibility of building a sentient robot. It will inform the definition of a sentient robot. What challenges that will be confronted or what technology is needed to build the sentient robot. It’s will answer the type of artificial intelligence needed to build sentience into the robot itself. It will present what technology will be able to accomplish in the future in relation to building sentient robot. It will also answer the question of the type of robot that will be made due to the sentient being implemented. There is also research about the current situation or development of sentient robot. It will describe the application of sentient robot in the future and how it will help humans build their world. Overall the research looks into the possible future of making sentient robot a reality. Also the connection it has with science fiction literature.


The topic I start out in my proposal has since been changed as I research more. In the research there was limited information on the original topic that I wanted to research and also the research question was too difficult to answer. The new research question arise when I research more in depth about the topic. On question kept arising that nobody know the answers to. That is where the research question began to form. The project became clearer for me to begin in forming the presentation.

Although the research question was changed to be easier, there were a lot of information that was needed in the presentation slide. I incorporated background information about the topic so the audience to later understand the point I’m making. After the background information I would need to introduce my point which was my answer to the research question. With the research question set I was now able to provide information that would prove my point. During those slide I gave example of how it would be possible to achieve the point that I was making earlier in the presentation. After the point was proven I would then make connection to science fiction in my presentation. I would present a literature in science fiction that feature the point that I was making. The literature will provide some backup to my main argument or research question. In the final slide I would give information about the current status or the reality of my research questions. At the end I would inform the audience the “why” in my research question or argument to make my point stronger. At the end I will provide the list of sources I have used in the presentation. For all the slide I have put points to keep track of the information I’m presenting and not jumble up all the information.

In order to prepare for the presentation I have done more extensive research to answer questions that might be asked during the presentation. I also create some flash cards to keep myself in track and organize my thoughts during the presentations. Presenting so much information at a short amount of time would require me to pace myself really well in order to get to the end without getting cut off.

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