Reflective Blog#8: City Tech Science Fiction Archive

In class on 4/6/17, we went to the library and explored an archive that had various works of science fiction. That archive is known as the City Tech science archive. I thought that in class when we got to go to the library and have the class take place in the science fiction archives was interesting. I thought that it was interesting because it is the first time in my college life that I have seen some sort of archive inside a college or even rather a library actually. Also even though the area seem a little bit smaller, there was a lot of pieces of works and books of science fiction and it was some works that dates to years back as well.

When we started, we got to learn about how the archive was formed. It was a funny story because they expected shipments of the science fictions works on a certain date but it came earlier than expected. It was interesting how they got the works from a person who was a science fiction enthusiast from California which means that the books were in boxes and they were many of those. It took them many weeks to get all of that sorted out but eventually they finished it.

As we continued on, we were introduced to what was called “magazines”, which were little books of science fiction stories. They were old versions of stories that were written many years ago and they got that old book smell as well. The magazine I got was called “Analog Science Fact Fiction” and we got like three or four different versions of those types of books. I noticed that even though the titles were similar, they seem to contain many different science fiction stories within each magazines. I seen that the author by the name of George R.R Martin wrote one of the stories that was inside one of those articles. The story was called “The Plague Star” which was written in 1985. I found that it was interesting that this particular author wrote a story in one of these magazines because I know that this was the same person who wrote Game of Thrones.

When I got to explore the archives with my group, it was a good experience because I got to see some of the various works of science fiction that was contained in there. I observed that some of the books were in a certain kind of plastic that is usually used to help preserve the books. Also they are used because some of the books are in fragile conditions where they can be ruined more easily if they are used in a manner that would cause that. When I was exploring the archives I seen a book that had a picture of a monster or creature that might have been or looked like Nosferatsu and I remember that character from a classic movie I had seen once in highschool. Also there are a lot if other interesting works written by many great authors during the years.


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