Reading Response#11: Westworld episode one

In the a new science fiction series called Westworld that shows from HBO, it is about a world in which it applies robotics or androids and also different views of the world. So far a part of it takes place in a old timeframe in which it is the wild west and even though it takes place in a time like that there are different types of organisms other than normal human beings so far as observed when watching the first episode. But the actual place that in takes place in could be in some laboratory in the near future. The world is created by humans and the people living in that world are created by them as well.

It was interesting in the beginning when the female by the name of Deloris who was being interviewed by some man said how people views the world by seeing the ugly side of it but she rather views the beauty which can be found in the world instead. It helps to describe a part of her personality and character because of the viewpoints she has. It shows that the creations have their own thinking and that they use the experiences to try and shape who they are but they are still creations who are still not in full control of themselves.

Around ten minutes into the show it talks about something called chance encounters and the person who was narrating about it being a wrong aspect was saying that it does not happen but rather the people of her world was suited for a purpose that coincides with something else. There are groups of certain people and one of them is named the newcomers in which they are different from the type of people that Deloris is in because they possess different traits.

People and even animals are created by other people in a place where they observe their movements and memories and makes modifications and observations on them as well. Like for example when they observed a woman who does a certain kind of figure gesture with her mouth and that woman was one of the ladies from the bar who sells her body. Memories from the subjects are looked at and also their actions as well when they were in the other world that was created.

In around twenty five minutes we observe how the narrative and part of the story from the beginning has changed in ways like for example the newcomer who takes Deloris away now meets her by picking up the can she drops and giving it to her and it shows that the situation is something new and what happened before was something else. Afterwards in that particular world when Deloris was painting and she sees the boy, the boy tells asks her if she is one of those, the people who are “not real”. This could mean that maybe the different world can be real or not because of observations like that. Also the father finds a buried photo of a woman and the setting around it looks more futuristic and he never seen anything like that, but Deloris knew and she had to act as though she never seen that before.

So far Westworld is interesting show because they use different types of storylines and creations of characters and how they apply that within their own world.

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