Part one of the final notes of 1984

The opening discussions on the end of 1984 see the book as hopeless, harsh, unforgiving constant negativity, some students even find the book pointless because of the end, because nothing changes, also this being the point of how hard it would be to change the way things are. There is hope that history will repeat itself and spawn a new Winston. The next part of class broke up into group work to cover the last topics such as.

The Brotherhood; O’Brain: The brother hood is supposed to be double agents in order to take down the Party. This is all propaganda made by the Party in order to further the secret police. When O’Brain asks Winston and Julia to swear on the book, Winston toasts to the past. The reiteration that O’Brain saves no one if caught, some what dark irony for the ending.

Hate: Manufactured emotion by the Party. The propaganda illicit Hate. The great enemy is what the hate is funneled into. The higher up are consumed with hate which fuels the emotion more. The war that Oceania is constantly involved with has no enemy since war needs no enemy now, all the while keeping a total war doctrine that being that, everything about the country is all for making war at one hundred percent.

Newspeak: Please see for contemporary connections on new speak. New speak being he new langue the Party has made for its mambers to replace modern English. In the principles of newspeak that it is written in a historical scholar perspective, writing in the past tense for Oceania, giving some hope that the status quo for Oceania changes, the professor also makes a note that some academics disagree with this.


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  1. Thank you Hunter for posting these notes. Class Notes should also include a description of the work done in class that day (e.g., group work discussing several issues) and important announcement and HW for the upcoming classes (since they are to be posted by the night of the class they are taken).

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