My introduction

Hello, my name is Hunter R, Brown,  age 20ish, my major is industrial design, I don’t have any real career goals along those lines yet, though i do want to learn some programming so I can make a game on the side. I don’t have any jobs at the moment, though that should change soon depending on the schedules I find that are offered. Some of my interest are, gaming in all its forms, medieval martial arts, science and animation.

I don’t really know my own strengths in writing since everyone thinks criticism is “to harsh”, a weaknesses though, I do have one that I know, and that is that I am dyslexic so, I do tend to maybe repeat or forget words from time to time, and spelling is not my forte either, this also goes for the same for reading. I like to write when I can though I mainly have to much going on to do any, reading I do a lot of, and my memory is keen when comes to that which is helpful on tests i study for. I think a lot, nothing really much else to say there. I’ve had a lot of exposure in Sci-Fi due to mainly my dad, my first real vivid exposure was a video game called: Homeworld: Cataclysm, and that really focused what I like in sci-fi, which is a feeling a isolation and advancement, though my favorite piece of sci-fi is a toss up between Warhammer 40k, and infinity. I guess industrial design would have to be a building block for the sci-fi concept of post-scarcity society and mor complex 3D printing. I guess I don’t really have much in the way of expectations and questions for the course, so I guess that’s it. oh and I don’t like taking pictures.s

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