Metropolis is a film that published in 1927 , this film is based on a futuristic technological advancement and how some benefit while many on the other hand many suffer. One day freder Fredersen the son on  the king Joh Fredersen who ruled the Utopian city known as Metropolis,  happened to stumble upon this beautiful young woman playing with the kids . He was so astonished by her beauty that he began to follow her.

   Freder followed Maria back to a underground world filled with workers that operates the machines that runs the       world above them , after seeing the horrible conditions the workers were facing Freder decided that he should have a talk with his father Joh the ruler of the world above (Metropolis) in which many people had to work hard to keep it running . After  Freder went to visit his father telling him about the horrible things he witnessed in the world below and begging his  father to do something to put a stop to what was going his father told him these people were where they needed to  be. Freder found that quite harsh of his father to say and decided that if his father wasn’t going to help those people that  he would make it his duty . Freder then went to the underworld where he saw a worker operating a clock like machine  and  then asked the worker to  trade life with him. After Joh found out what his son was doing he sent for the assistance  of his friend Rotwang. They eventually found out Freder reason for wanting to help those people being Maria the beautiful young woman he stumbled upon and decided they were going to use her as bait to put a closure to Freder’s plan. Joh wasn’t aware that his partner had plans of his own and was going to double cross him even if it was going to cost the life of Joh’s son.

   This film showed that even though many people benefit from the good works of technological advancement there’s so many people that had to work hard to make sure things run smooth receiving no benefits from the hard work they put in which is unfair . This story also shows that sympathy wouldn’t even be graduated upon the workers  by the man who had the power to  a stop the what was going on even if his own blood begged for it, because of selfishness .

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