May 23rd Class Notes. Presentations day 1.

Peer Feedback based on presentations.

Presenters will present their research project in class. A worksheet will be provided in class to judge the presenters. Take notes on what was good, what was bad, and any further questions that you have for the presenter.

Final  Course Reflection.

Last piece of homework. Due Saturday at 4pm and worth 5% of our grade.

Final Course Reflection

Write a

Tuesday Presenters

  1. Carmen
  2. Alyssa
  3. Ryan
  4. Jesse
  5. Kelz

Thursday Presenters

  1. Jaraad
  2. Jay
  3. Jared
  4. Jorge
  5. Aneita
  6. Pedro
  7. Hunter

Female Roles in Science Fiction

  • Women rolls in movies are improving

My Final Project

Steampunk and Architecture

  • Criticism on real world efforts to build a steampunk inspired building
  • Primarily mechanical in design

steam punk and architecture

Planetary Colonization

Looking to the Stars

Hive-minds and Efficiency

  • Hive-minds have different forms of leaders
  • Social structures can vary

Minds of The Hive Variety

Robots in the Medical Field

  • Robots will not replace doctors in the near future
  • Patients recover from surgery faster when operated using new operation procedure

2 thoughts on “May 23rd Class Notes. Presentations day 1.

  1. Thanks Ryan for posting these notes. Please make a few revisions:

    1) Can you link to the presenter’s final project posts on the OpenLab (for reference)?

    2) We discussed the peer review handouts for the presentations, and how people should actively listen, take notes during the presentations, ask questions during Q&A, and submit this work to me at the end of each class (an important part of participation grade).

    3) There was an important announcement about the Final Course Reflection (worth 5% of the final course grade): I extended the deadline to Saturday, 4pm to give people extra time to work on it.

    4) We are having an end-of-the-semester celebration on Thursday in class, so if you feel like you want to contribute, feel free to bring in some snacks/refreshments for folks.

    • Just updated my post but I can’t seem to find Kelz’s presentation. I’m not sure if I’m not looking in the wrong places but I managed to find everyone else’s posts in the presentation tag.

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