2017 Literary Arts Festival

The LAF(literary Arts Festival) is a festival celebrating literary writing. It host a writing competition every year. The festival opened up with a short video, featuring many of the novels that students are currently reading. Also, it included The LAF group tackling the mannequin challenge which I found hilariousness. Their were 2 students who were co-hosting the festival. Their humor was a bit off and dry. But I think the guy did a better job than the girl.

Students who submitted their works and won, read their short stories, poetry , and songs. Out of all the readings and performances, 2 stood out to me. Deja Simpson reading of “Tied my Hands”. I found it moving and captivating. Secondly, Lirazen Felipe performance of her song “The Greatest thing”. It was nice, pleasant, and catchy. This was the highlight of the show for me. In between readings, their was a dance performance by city tech steppers. I found this amusing. I did not know we had a step team.

In addition , Their was a special guest presentation. One of the students introduced Rowan Ricardo Philips, poet and author of Heaven,The Ground, and When Blackness Rhymes with Blackness. He read some of his work. In between reads he made a few jokes. Moreover, he gave us a taste of some of his current and new writings.

Finally, their were readings from faculty . The Staff called up all the winners up to the stage to award them a certificate. Afterwords, the show ended. The festival served food and drinks upstairs in the cafeteria for the staff, audience members and winners.The LAF was over all entertaining.

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