Introduction to Ryan

There was once an idiot who could not maintain a 2.0 GPA. This creature of stupidity created poorly made games that pained all who saw such an abomination. This poor soul is also receiving complaints that he never plays Overwatch with his friends. This idiot… is not me, because I have no friends who play Overwatch.

I am a student at New York City College of Technology and am working to study video game design. I am currently working as a cashier in a restaurant in China town. My career goal is to make video games. Over the winter break I made a game that did not work how I thought it would. I had to duct tape a friendship back together between friends because of an amulet in a game. I also had a wisdom tooth surgically removed and another one violently torn out. Now one of the stitches is stuck in my mouth so I have to get that checked out. I got new shoes that make my feet sore after only a few city blocks so it hurts to go to places I want to.

As a reader I only take in the main ideas and nothing else. There is a lot of details that English professors deem as important details while I am confident that same details are pointless. As a writer I favor character design. I have a tenancy to create unique characters that no one can relate to, and I have no problem with that. I dislike how a writer always has to make a character a white male in his 20s to 30s just because they want the character to relate to the audience. I make all my characters impossible to relate to either demographically or characteristically. As a thinker I am complex yet simple in an extreme imbalance of insanity. My ideas can be complex but simple when viewed at a different angle and I can easily process some information but have a more difficult time understanding some other information. Sharing these ideas are the worst. Explaining the logic and methodology behind what I do is something that is frustrating and difficult. As a writer and audience I favor fantasy over science fiction. This is just a preference of mine since I can see how a world like mine could become a science fiction setting while a fantasy setting is something that is beyond my vision. Science fiction draws closer to real world inspirations and fears while fantasy is something that only dreamers can fathom.

Science fiction is a genre that I enjoy to a certain extent, however the classical works are not what I read or watch. I favor the works of entertainment that feature science fiction, however these works only feature science fiction as a setting rather than a focus. I am being bothered to play Overwatch which is a game that features science fiction in both its story and gameplay. Overwatch features a setting where earth is recovering from a robot rebellion and is undergoing political and environmental turmoil during the 2070s. The game features advanced robotics, bionics, and self-aware machines as character abilities and weapons. Another game with a science fiction theme to it is Closers Online. The game takes place during a dimensional war against aliens, although the alien part may just be a translation error, and the world must be saved through the efforts of a team of pshyonics freshly out of high school. Before you ask, its anime so that is normal. The game touches on topics such as terrorism, war crimes, corporate and political corruption, and anything else you can think of when fighting an alien threat. As a hopeful game developer I have written a science fiction story setting. It is an artificial city-state that characters have access to. I hope to make a game in such a setting to tell a story that, to my knowledge, no one has experienced before.

When it comes to using OpenLab, I have had a multitude of awful experiences with it. OpenLab is set to mimic a blog or a forum, both of which I have trouble with. Aside from the requirement to use OpenLab, I think that this class will teach me about the finer works of science fiction authors before my time. The many great visions and horrors that authors before me have had and told in their works, that is what I think this class is about.

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